Links NOV 16.12

Classic News / Reading Roundup:

great review of the Widmark-Lupino noir ROAD HOUSE


10 ENNIO MORRICONE scores you might not know

The Cocktail Waitress is billed as “The Lost Final Novel By James M. Cain,”

DANA ANDREWS biographer visits silver screen oasis forum


Dark Crimes: Film Noir Thrillers via film noir blonde

ON THE WATERFRONT digital bits

More GUNSMOKE, BONANZA, classicflix

Here are the WARNER ARCHIVE release that came out after Tuesday’s post

News on warner archive Blu-rays via 50’s westerns

News on upcoming FOX ARCHIVE releases via lumenick

cool pic of the day RICHARD WIDMARK from the above road house post

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3 Responses to Links NOV 16.12

  1. Colin says:

    Thank – really appreciate your linking in to my blog again.

    Like this

  2. Hey, thanks for the link to the Trevor Howard post. Also, great photo of Richard Widmark. You know, everyone says he was a very nice man.

    Like this

    • kristina says:

      you bet, great post- yes Widmark was one of those actors so good at being bad and anything but, in real life


      Like this


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