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Welcome: I’m Kristina and I love classic movies, Hollywood history, music & general retro pop culture, and this blog will give you picture posts, songs, vintage ads, bios, playlists, videos, regular links roundups, and movie reviews. And some fun.

I’m the senior writer for the original Noir fan’s publication, DARK PAGES & also contribute to other sites & publications.

I run a construction business and I do the odd CUSTOM ARTWORK job like murals and custom-sewn, hand-painted clothing.

Take a peek at my movie & movie book collection.

Here’s my music collection.

Here’s a log of what I’m watching.


from Films of the Golden Age Magazine: my look at the making of the little-known 1933 prohibition gangster musical BROADWAY THROUGH A KEYHOLE . The controversial plot was written by Walter Winchell based on NY gossip surrounding Al Jolson and Ruby Keeler. The movie starred then-controversial actor Paul Kelly, famed nightclub queen Tex Guinan, heartthrob crooner Russ Columbo; their combined backstories, and the place the film takes in their lives of meteoric success and sudden tragedy are arguably more fascinating than the film itself.

from Classic Images magazine: my extensive biography of great character actor PAUL KELLY, a rising star when he became the center of a scandalous and sensational manslaughter trial, which was at the time considered the premier celebrity spectacle; read about that and how he managed to rebuild his life & career afterwards. A fascinating tale, even if you know nothing about classic movies.

My bio of  WARD BOND, great actor, athlete, conservative activist and close friend of John Wayne & John Ford.

WITNESS FOR THE PROSECUTION   is fun, also the NAKED CITY  3-parter that starts here 


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