O Canada Blogathon Teaser Gallery #3


The O Canada blogathon countdown continues, all week we’ll be teasing with images of the films and people that will be covered, Read all about the blogathon roster here, and check out the giveaway DVD that one of the participants will receive. If you see your subject featured, say hi & help us spread the word.

See you Oct 4 through 9, and you can still join us, just check to see what’s been claimed on the roster post and then leave a comment as to what you want to write about. come in and browse the pics Continue reading

Hollywood Time Machine Show – Guest Tonight


Tonight at 6pm PST/9pm EST I’ll be one of the guests on the online talk radio show Hollywood Time Machine, hosted by Alicia Mayer and Will McKinley. If you haven’t been listening so far you really should be tuning in all the time. It’s a great show packed with everything classic entertainment lovers could want: lots of knowledgeable and interesting guests discussing movies, TV, books, festivals, you name it. You can catch up on previous episodes in the archives at their site–and here’s the announcement for the episode tonight. Pleased to be joining them!

update sep 29: here’s the link to the archived show (it’s episode #3) 

(pic is from the show’s twitter @TimeMachineTalk )