Virginia Mayo

Virginia Mayo was so much more than just a blonde bombshell; in fact she wasn’t even that in real life. She was a welcome presence in any film, a great singer, dancer and comedienne, and especially fun in the crime films she made, because she was so good at being bad. Continue reading

Must See: The Unsuspected

From each writer of source novels adapted to film, you get a signature and recognizable style, even when their material is reshaped by Hollywood. From W.B. Burnett (Little Caesar, High Sierra, Asphalt Jungle) you get rugged and realistic hardened criminals, gritty underworld settings and machine gun dialogue. From Raymond Chandler you find the creeps often live in the most opulent mansions. From Charlotte Armstrong, whom some called Queen of suspensers, you get unseen horrors hidden beneath a highly dusted and waxed veneer of domestic life, a juicy hot evil center baked right into the familiar conventions of a regular women’s novel of the time, something writer Ariel Swartley nicely describes as being trapped in a Doris Day movie gone bad. Continue reading