Open thread: casting Hollywood bio-pics

Kicking off a regular series of open discussion posts, with this totally pointless and possibly ridiculous but nonetheless fun speculation on who could play the classic stars, inspired by reading about Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe.

Gillian Anderson as Joan Crawford (I’ve heard this one for years, so I’m totally not original but still, this has to be one of the closest resemblances ever and a big missed opportunity, if “they” never make this bio-pic)

Paget Brewster (Criminal Minds) as Irene Dunne (Bonus: Brewster is just as hilarious)

Amy Carlson (Third Watch, Blue Bloods) as Carole Lombard

Eddie Cahill (CSI:NY) as Gary Cooper

Damien Lewis (Band of Brothers, Forstye Saga) for Steve McQueen

Alison Mack (Smallville) as Norma Shearer

Eliza Dushku as Faith Domergue (shoulda been in the Aviator)

Speaking of which, am I crazy to think that Jim Carrey would’ve made a better Howard Hughes?

Totally oddball observation here but doesn’t Kathryn Morris (Cold Case,top pic) look a lot like Barbara Britton, bottom pic (not that they’d ever actually do a bio-pic of Britton mind you)

I’m blank for Warren William. James Woods may match him in spirit, Eric Balfour has a little of the mustache and possibly the rogueishness going on. But good luck finding anyone who compares to William, or George Sanders for that matter.

Who could Catherine Zeta Jones play best?

Finally, check out this uncanny replica of Valentino, That’s actually actor Eduardo Ballerini, who in 2003 did a short film on the silent star.

Ok, tag, you’re it; add your own ideas and/or quibbles or violent disagreements with the above, down below…

13 thoughts on “Open thread: casting Hollywood bio-pics

  1. That Valentino is unreal. Some great movies could be made for sure if Hollywood didn’t make them trashy. ZetaJones could play Ava Gardner


    1. Cath Zeta Jones has been mentioned for Elizabeth Taylor (I think) in the Burton/Taylor bio, but I don’t see that, I see more a Gardner, too or similar femme fatale. Hayworth?


  2. Love your choices here, Kristina (and your fab new Web site, too)! As a fan of CSI:NY, I’d cast Eddie Cahill as Gary Cooper in a heartbeat, providing he can temporarily swap his New York accent for a more Cooper-like cadence!:-)


    1. yup. (that’s my Cooper imitation )
      :) thanks! i might add a friend of mine thinks Renee Zellweger would make a good Miriam Hopkins, and someone else I know (hope you’re reading!) says Sandra Bullock could be made up to play Greta Garbo.


  3. kristina,

    Hi! I’ve been checking out your website and your art — very nice!:-)

    On your choices, Lewis actually does look a lot like McQueen.


  4. If I recall correctly, Vincent D’Onofrio was playing Orson Welles in Tim Burton’s ED WOOD, though I believe his voice was dubbed by Maurice LaMarche. Love that movie!


  5. @Mike & Dorian i too remember Vincent as Orson in Ed Wood:)
    a few years ago he also did another short film playing Welles which I think he also directed,

    @Andrew Thanks& thanks for visiting! drop by anytime and add your 2 cents


  6. The hard part is avoiding trying to do look-a-likes solely…

    Mark Ruffalo as Paul Muni? Is Ruffalo manly enough?

    Paul Giamatti as Charles Laughton.

    Amy Adams as Joan Blondell or maybe Jean Arthur?


    1. Hi Floyd! welcome and drop by often! Yes lookalikes are not always right — probably why they’d rather dub actors or teach them to sing in musical biopics (eg Walk the Line) instead of casting similar singers who probably couldn’t act their way out of a paper bag.
      Great ideas, especially he Giammatti\Laughton that’s super.

      I keep trying to think of a Cary Grant…Jon Hamm?
      also in the Aviator, Orlando Bloom might’ve been a better Flynn.


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