get the Comfy Chair!

This week GET THE COMFY CHAIR!  to honor TALES OF THE EASILY DISTRACTED (if this seems to my regular readers to be Deja Vu, or seems to my regular readers to be Deja Vu, I am starting from scratch with the weekly comfy chair honors on this new blog so I absolutely will repeat the small handful of mentions I made in the precursor to the comfy chair). ToTED is a consistently fun, informative and LOL (as the kids say)  read on a wide range of movies, from Hitchcock to noir with nice long posts packed with fantastic references and witty bon mots, has been a great supporter of my burgeoning bloggering, and are nice folks besides. Please visit–and read the current feature on To Catch a Thief,  AND, as if timed for maximum synergy, ToTED Headmistress Dorian is also making a cameo at another SPEAKEASY friend and certain future COMFY CHAIR occupant VIA MARGUTTA 51 talking about some items of her treasured movie memoramabilia

a Fistful of Links:

Stephen Reginald guest blogs at Movie Fanfare on DEVOTION

Mark Steyn writes on the song Autumn Leaves

nice pix from Carole Lombard’s In Name Only

The Lady Vanishes & Design for Living Criterion info & release dates

I feel thoroughly retro like this myself sometimes 

Warren William news & links update, including a link to my 3 on a Match post

top 10 Psycho facts

You can always get way more great classic movie info via the glorious service @classicfilmread  on twitter

and the latest blogosphere roundup at Laura’s Misc Musings

and some site news:  Please have a browse through my Landmark related posts since I have now archived all the articles here, fully illustrated, so please enjoy those, and this week you can look forward to something big, a multipart series leading up to the showing on TCM of a really great movie, stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “get the Comfy Chair!

  1. Wow! Kristina, I’m happily bowled over by your kind words about my baby, TALES OF THE EASILY DISTRACTED, as well as your much-appreciated plug for our talented friend and fellow blogger Clara at VIA MARGUTTA 51, who so thoughtfully let me play in her garden this past Friday with her delightful “If I Had to Keep 4” series! Thanks a million, Kristina; as we say here at TotED and at Team Bartilucci H.Q., you’re a sugar bowl with two handles! Yes, that’s a good thing! :-)


  2. yay! I haz 2 handles! well now, little did you know when you advised me some months back to add some pictures to my “dull repository” (my words) of old articles, that it would turn into a place with a chair, much less a comfy one! You are more than welcome, enjoy the seat and thanks for all your support!!


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