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This week GET THE COMFY CHAIR!  for VIA MARGUTTA 51   where you will find a prettily illustrated, nicely organized, insightfully written and generally fun to explore, wide variety of fun observations on music, movies & more from Clara, friends and guests. Please visit and check out the latest stuff like Clara’s entry in the Deborah Kerr blogathon,Paris When it Sizzles, and much more…

a Fistful of Links:

how to kill a vampire


Maltin on unearthed early Hitchcock movie

the TRAIN is one of my fave Burt Lancaster movies

a week of JACK KLUGMAN admiration (links to the first of many posts on him) at Out of the Past (links to the main blog page)

Louis Wolheim from ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT  — Immortal Ephemera

TCM in October preview and Fox Movie channel preview  at Laura’s Misc Musings

You can always get way more great classic movie info via  @classicfilmread  on twitter

and the latest blogosphere roundup at Laura’s Misc Musings

This week on TCM:  horrors galore Monday, lots of great noirs on Thursday Night (mainly by Nicholas Ray), 4 excellent Carole Lombard movies early on Thursday.

new to DVD this week (plus a few that came out recently): LOST HORIZON (Peter Finch),  AMERICAN MADNESS (Walter Huston),  EDGE OF ETERNITY (Cornel Wilde), CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG bluray, 13 WEST STREET (Alan Ladd, Rod Steiger),  THE NIGHT HOLDS TERROR (Vince Edwards),  BLACK ZOO,  BLACK ROOM ,  BEFORE I HANG (Boris Karloff), HYSTERIA, THE GIANT BEHEMOTH via WARNER ARCHIVE MOD PAGE  and AMAZON.COM classic new releases

other news: a mini version of my 3 part NAKED CITY series is now up at LANDMARK REPORT, focussing mainly on the movie/DVD

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  1. you are very welcome! You put so much work and obvious joy and movie love into your blog, and thank you so much for linking to and supporting mine as well!


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