The Comfy Chair! links/viewing roundup

This week fetch the COMFY CHAIR!* for  50 WESTERNS FROM THE 50s    because I am a huge western movie junkie, and this is such a great blog with reviews, DVD news, location info, and all nicely accompanied by photos and copious knowledge.

A Fistful of Links:

THE LONG NIGHT at noir of the week

3 recent PASSINGS

20 essential HORROR movies list

info on new dvd of ANN DVORAK’S HOUSEWIFE

MIRAGE at Tales of the Easily Distracted

OCT 14 was the day Bing died; here’s one remembrance

a great ongoing analysis of LAWRENCE OF ARABIA  link leads to part 9 with links to all the other instalments


ISLAND OF LOST SOULS is one big precode creepfest

TCM this week:

Monday, The Tingler, cool William Castle gimmick horror (theater seats were rigged to “tingle”) with Vincent Price as the discoverer of a tentacled being that latches on to your spine and preys on fear.

Tuesday, Red Light. Come back in a day or two for more on this one.

Wednesday, Elvis movies all AM, which for me constitutes Heaven, and yes I realize many of them stink up about that high, but I like them, judge me as you will. I do lament the chances Elvis passed up, or should I say Colonel Tom passed up on the King’s behalf, like Robert Mitchum’s invitation for Elvis to be his co-star in Thunder Road (!). For those of you who don’t share my enthusiasm, while I take a dim view of your taste, I can also recommend to you an alternate that everyone should agree is great, and that’s The Big Combo, the great noir with Cornel Wilde.

Thursday, The Mask of Dimitrios, a really fun mystery on Zachary Scott night. This was Scott’s first movie, and dominates the film and got rave reviews, even though he’s not even in it that much (he’s the wicked titular character, a murder victim and appears in flashbacks), Peter Lorre plays a good guy, a mystery writer who treks all over Europe trying to solve Scott’s murder, which eventually gets him tangled up in Sydney Greenstreet’s schemes.

Friday, Firecreek, Jimmy Stewart plus Henry Fonda as a baddie the year before he perfected the role of ultra-baddie in Leone’s Once Upon a Time in the West.

Saturday, My Name is Julia Ross, as part of Nina Foch night. Excellent underrated thriller.

Sunday, more Buster Keaton, or Jailhouse Rock, which is the one Elvis movie you should see, if you don’t share my Elvis obsession and can live with just one.

Site news:

I’m going to limit the COMFY CHAIR to blogs, links, and viewing. Starting right this second, I’m splitting off new DVD release news into a much longer and more detailed separate post, to help kick off your week with a shopping list of all the new goodies you can buy on platters of various formats, so please keep your eyes peeled, your cash handy, and come back for that. 

*it’s been brought to my attention that not everyone knows what the “comfy chair” actually refers to; for your amusement and enlightenment, here’s where it comes from (2:17, if you’re in some kind of hurry)

5 thoughts on “The Comfy Chair! links/viewing roundup

  1. Thanks for the link to the horror films article! I hope people like it. :) I just wish I had more room to include some of the classics, but then we start talking top 50 and that kind of loses people.

    I love the comfy chair scene. “No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!!”


    1. Andrew –Thanks for dropping by & for doing the list, they’re fun but sure brainwracking to do if you love movies, and it was a fun read.
      “we shall make you understand! fetch the cushions!” :)


  2. Thanks a big fat million for putting 50 Westerns From The 50s in the Comfy Chair.

    It’s a seat that has been warmed by some pretty illustrious folks, and I sit here speechless.


    1. hi Toby, thanks for dropping in! now that I do this a little more seriously I have infinitely more respect and appreciation not only for all the hard work bloggers like you do, but also for the value of letting people know all that work is appreciated! cheers!


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