Dark Pages Double Indemnity giant issue

This guy you were looking for was too close. Right across the desk from ya. Actually, right up there. No wonder he’s about to get tangled in his crutches and fall off the train getting your attention, because it’s only one of the greatest Noirs ever made, and well looky there and whattadyaknow? also it just happens to be the focus of the now undeniably annual big honkin’ Dark Pages extravaganza, the issue to have, the issue that will make all your neighbors green with envy, the issue that will bust both your mailbox and your brain with its sheer thickness, its chock fullness of informative and entertaining goodness. This year we bring you some usual suspects well known to Speakeasy readers, with front page ponderings by Tales of the Easily Distracted doyenne Dorian, Musings on Miklos by Laura of Miscellaneous Fame, and of course the Creator Queen and ruler of all the Dark Pages realm is none other than Karen, who can be found lounging in Shadows & Satin, and she brings you loads on the lead actors, DI quotes, the source story/material, critics’ reactions, and more, much more…

Yours truly (meaning: me, aka Kristina, the little lady who runs this here Speakeasy) wrote about some of the behind the scenes fascinating folks that made DI look the way it did, through makeup, hair, sets, props, and more. Do you want to laugh now, or wait ’til it gets funny?

There are lots of other contributors (including Robby Cress of Dear Old Hollywood) and together we all arranged our words  in such a way as to cover Double Indemnity from almost every angle, with nice pieces about the remake, locations then & now, trivia, scenes that lay dead on the cutting room floor, great stuff on Chandler and Wilder, original artwork,  and wait for it… more, always more!  so if you have any interest at all in this fabulous film then click right here to learn more about subscribing and get on this one right away, if you don’t you’ll be sorrier than Walter Neff himself, and you don’t want to end up like that sucker, do you? Seriously? let me repeat… Double Indemnity. Giant Epic Issue. Which part of that is not clear to you? and don’t you dare ask me if you wonder if you know what I mean,  because I wonder if you wonder.

UPDATE! many thanks to IMMORTAL EPHEMERA for the kind inclusion of Dark Pages mag in the HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE!! DP does make a great gift !

UPDATE #2! Laura gives the  issue a very nice write up at her blog– please go look

5 thoughts on “Dark Pages Double Indemnity giant issue

  1. SQUEEEE! Kristina, I’d be all a-twitter (and a-Facebook, too :-)) about the upcoming DOUBLE INDEMNITY edition of THE DARK PAGES even if my DI piece wasn’t in it, but sharing the spotlight with our fellow fab femme fatale Laura, she of the marvelous Miscellaneous Musings, has me looking forward to the jumbo DI issue all the more! Now that I have a subscription to DP, I’ll keep my eye on my mailbox even more eagerly! Thanks for producing a terrific mag like THE DARK PAGES, keep those awesome issues coming, and thanks for letting me play in your film noir garden!


  2. By the way, that’s fantastic Robby from Dear Old Hollywood contributed, as well as the delightfully droll Dorian! (I like that alliteration…) Assume Robby’s article is on the locations…wonderful!

    Best wishes,


  3. i hope you will all be as half as pleased/thrilled/impressed with the issue as I am!!!
    it’s a dooooozy!!! :D all hail Karen



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