Comfy Chair + my 1st award !

First COMFY CHAIR! for the fresh brand spanking new year goes toRIDING THE HIGH COUNTRY, a paradise for fans of western and noir films, with great indepth posts nicely illustrated… please click the pic to go straight there…

and now…

WOW, serendipity or what. I swear on a stack of DVDs that I was almost done preparing that fist bit of this comfy chair post for today, popping in my screencap of RIDING THE HIGH COUNTRY, when lo & behold (cue Twilight Zone music), that very site’s Colin passed on this 7 x 7 Link Award to me—my very first blog award, ever! Many many thanks! It’s greatly appreciated and treasured, even more so, coming from one of the blogs I love to read so much.

The conditions are as follows:

Tell everyone something that no one else knows about.

Link to one of my posts that I personally think best fits the following categories:

Most Beautiful Piece

Most Helpful Piece

Most Popular Piece

Most Controversial Piece

Most Surprisingly Successful Piece

Most Underrated Piece

Most Pride-worthy Piece

Pass this award on to seven other bloggers.

Something nobody knows about me? I was always the very last one coming out of Kindergarten at day’s end because I was good at tying shoelaces so all the other kids asked me to tie theirs for them.

Most Beautiful Piece. Naked City from Book to Screen to TV, divided here into 3 posts, starting with part 1 on Weegee’s photo book.

Most Helpful Piece. My PAUL KELLY because it was my first big bio, helped me figure out how to summarize long and full careers while hitting on the key movies and life events, while also NOT boring anyone with plot summaries and minutiae; most helpful to me because it was my biggest movie writing education.

Most Popular Piece. My WARD BOND article, by far.

Most Controversial Piece. None that I know of so far. So, in an effort to generate quibble, wrath or disapproval, just a moment ago I posted my TOP 10 NOIRS, from a recent Dark Pages issue.

Most Surprisingly Successful Piece. Actually a whole tag/series of pieces, my COMFY CHAIR featurette. These blog spotlights started as a fun way to thank those who link to or otherwise boost my writing, have turned out to be a big draw to both my site and the featured blogs.

Most Underrated Piece. Determined by picking from posts with a pathetically low number of hits (ahem, 3); I like this one best: my MERIAN COOPER mini bio.

Most Pride-worthy Piece. I love my WARD BOND article. I spent so many months fine tuning and double checking the facts, I almost hated to finish and post it.

My list of 7, limited to those who strictly write on films & then mostly on the classics, which means, heartbreakingly, leaving off some friends who only sometimes do classic stuff– to y’all I promise a comfy chair is in your future. These 7 I not only love to read, but have been some of my biggest inspiration and most flattering and welcome support/visitors in my first few months of being an actual blog.

Thank you all, and Happy New Year! I’d happily tie your shoelaces.

Laura’s Misc Musings

Shadows & Satin

Classic Movie Man

Tales of the Easily Distracted


50 Westerns from the 50s

Immortal Ephemera

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept or origin of comfy chair, please refer to this post and also please hit the “COMFY CHAIR” TAG to see all the past chair occupants; their blogs are all great

TCM this week:


A STOLEN LIFE, with Bette Davis, Glenn Ford & Dane Clark is an interesting good vs. bad twin (really, is there any other kind of twin in the movies?) at 8am, and as essentials go, NIAGARA with Marilyn Monroe is definitely one, though whether it fits into the strict noir category is always up for debate since it’s in glorious Technicolor and as such instantly disqualified by some genre purists who engage in limited thinking, and it’s a shame because all the other necessary elements are there. As major league femme fatale Rose, Monroe seems like something otherworldly in this picture, a fact which doesn’t go unnoticed by either the men (Joseph Cotten, Richard Allan, Casey Adams) or Jean Peters, who has a devastatingly funny line; in response to Adams’ question “Why don’t you ever get a dress like that?”, Peters replies, “Listen. For a dress like that, you’ve got to start laying plans when you’re about thirteen.” Niagara was Monroe’s first huge hit, her first Technicolor movie and her first real Fox beauty treatment in the signature “Marilyn” style, with patent leather red lips and bedhead blond locks. As opposed to Monroe’s other noir-y movie Don’t Bother to Knock, this time it’s Cotten who’s unstable, and Monroe is the one planning to get rid of him so she can be free for her gorgeous boyfriend Allan. Director Henry Hathaway had a sturdy noir pedigree (Kiss of Death), and here does a darn good Hitchcock impression, which makes me wonder what Hitch himself would have done with Monroe in one of his own movies.


Lots of great Marion Davies movies (NOT SO DUMB is the only one I haven’t seen yet). Davies often gets shorted as being just William Randolph Hearst’s gal pal who got into movies based on that connection, which is unfair since she was a highly talented and appealing actress and comedienne.


First ANGELA LANSBURY day of her spotlight as TCM’s star of Jan. Can’t go wrong with any of these, definitely watch GASLIGHT if you haven’t seen it, and PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY is a big personal fave.


Evening spotlight with documentary on Jack Cardiff, and a must for any self-respecting fan of action/adventure/epic/British Empire tales is THE FOUR FEATHERS, which I wrote about here.


If you haven’t seen the intensity and breathtaking beauty that is Loretta Young in her relatively underrated pre-code days, then catch her in HEROES FOR SALE and SHE HAD TO SAY YES. Young was perfect as the good girl who gets her eyes opened and quickly gets wise to the ways of the big men of the big city. Another good one today is RACHEL AND THE STRANGER, with William Holden & Robert Mitchum—Young’s giant shotgun scene alone is worth it. Betty Grable movies in the evening.


Can’t vouch for most of the AM as there are a lot of films I’ll be DVRing and seeing for the first time myself, but it’s certainly safe to call the evening Chaplin films “ essentials”.


Jose Ferrer evening, CYRANO and JOAN OF ARC, director Victor Fleming’s last film.

Feel free to leave your pick(s) for the week


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UPDATE FEB 21: Karen at SHADOWS& SATIN responds with her picks for best posts at her blog and passes this award on to other folks. 

11 thoughts on “Comfy Chair + my 1st award !

  1. Kristina, thanks for including my site in the first Comfy Chair feature of 2012 – it’s a great start to the year for me.

    And the award’s well deserved. I’m looking forward to perusing those posts that I’m not so familiar with.


  2. Kristina, Happy New Year and Congratulations on your 7 X 7 Link Award! You and your blog posts are so witty, knowledgeable, and entertaining that I’m stunned to hear that this is your very first award — but there’s no doubt in my mind that this will be only the first of many awards and accolades to come to you in 2012 and beyond!

    Thanks very much indeed for including me and TALES OF THE EASILY DISTRACTED (TotED) amongst your list of seven favorite blogs, Kristina; I’m truly flattered and honored to be in such good company with you, and Laura’s Miscellaneous Musings,Shadows and Satin, and Immortal Ephemera, of which I’m already quite fond. I’m looking forward to checking out the other blogs on your list, too!

    As for films to watch this week, I’m not only looking forward to watching NIAGARA again, I’ve made up my mind to write a blog post about it! Keep an eye on TotED this coming Friday, January 6th, 2012 (getting myself used to thinking “2012,” not “2011” :-)). I’m also looking forward to CAMERAMAN: THE LIFE AND WORK OF JACK CARDIFF, not to mention Cardiff’s actual films! :-)

    Congrats again, my friend, and here’s to a happy and successful new year to you and yours, in your blogs and in your daily life!


  3. Thanks for the link! I’m glad you like the site.

    And congratulations on the award, it’s well deserved! :)

    Also, Happy New Year and may 2012 be your best year yet!


  4. @Colin
    thanks again, though it’s fun just to be nominated (cheesy Oscar moment) it’ll be more fun to read the posts you picked out as your best, and check out the other blogs you nominated, and their picks, and so on to infinity (same goes for anyone who chooses to do a similar post) Nice way to explore great writing. Cheers! Thanks for a fun way to close out the old and kick off the New. Please drop by anytime

    Thanks as always for your generosity with time, always stopping by, and with your kind words. Really looking forward to your Niagara post!! love that movie. to remember the year, just think of Helen TWELVEtrees

    Thanks for the kind words and likewise on the wishes for a fantastic, productive 2012, look forward to reading what you have in store!

    probably wouldn’t even be writing about movies at all if it weren’t for you, so I shall use my berries to make some nice liqueeeuuuur ;)


    1. Cliff, sure thing. you do such a great job on your posts/sites. like I told Laura you’re all my “blogging role models” :)
      btw Heroes for Sale I saw for the first time recently — one of the most powerful films I’ve ever seen, and made me go back to watch any and all Barthelmess movies I had.. (just checked your blog, did you never do a long post about it?)


  5. Hi Kristina! I’ve mentioned before elsewhere how much I appreciate your kind words, but as I “dig out” from the holidays and catch up on commenting and email, I wanted to take a minute to thank you again for both the award and your friendship. Both mean a great deal! And what a great group of bloggers you’ve listed; I’m honored to be in their company.

    Also, I loved your comments on NIAGARA which is such a fun movie. (I may have commented to you before that I think of it as something along the lines of “Traveltalk meets Hitchcockian suspense.”) Jean Peters is really darling in that movie.

    Happy New Year,


    1. you’re very welcome, Laura!

      and frankly *I’m* the one who’s grateful & lucky to get to know most of you listed there, after being just a reader, and always learning from all of you, you’re so prolific, fun & insightful, like I could only hope to be (if I cloned myself!).

      I hope anyone else reading this will scroll back up there and check out all your sites…
      all the best and may your year ahead be great, successful and full of great movies — can’t wait to see your post on RAZOR’S EDGE


  6. […] your appreciation of my blog and thank you for including me in such a great group! Seeing as I recently got a 7×7 and you can read my answers to the questions here, I’ll take Stephen up on his suggestion and pass it right along to one other blogger I’ve […]


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