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This week GET THE COMFY CHAIR! For CAROLE & CO, which, as the name might suggest, and the picture probably gave away come to think of it, is all about Carole Lombard and her times, lavishly illustrated and chock full of news clippings, ephemera, then & now comparisons, and more besides than you could shake a very big stick at. Fabulous blog on a fabulous lady!

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept or origin of comfy chair, please refer to this post and also please hit the “COMFY CHAIR” TAG to see all the past chair occupants; all great because I say so

TCM this week:

Letter From an Unknown Woman on Monday, beautiful movie not to be missed

Ziegfeld Girl on Wednesday, which is like glossy MGM musical melodrama comfort food with a box of chocolates cast: Lana Turner, Judy Garland, Jimmy Stewart, Hedy Lamarr, Jackie Cooper, Tony Martin…

But I want to look way ahead and draw your attention to a very cool spotlight on a very cool multitalented man and one of my favorite people, Jack Webb on Sunday, with two movies he directed and stars in. The D.I. (The Drill Instructor), a realistic look at a tough as nails drill sergeant (on par with R. Lee Ermey) and the Marine Corps boot camp training he dishes out. The buzzcut he got in this movie he kept with slight variation thereafter, such was the impression of the role and no doubt the experience of working with actual marines in the movie—semper fi! –the Corps approved of the film and still military of all stripes say they were inspired by and greatly respect the picture.

The second movie of the evening that’s directed by Webb is 30 (aka Deadline Midnight) about a newspaper editor on (to borrow from snoopy) a “dark and stormy night” where some juicy stories are competing for their spots above the fold on the front page, while offering inside looks at how the paper’s put together, a wound up William Conrad, how a woman fit into a 1950s newsroom and how Webb deals with a personal issue. Look for Whitney Blake, frequent guest on TV through those years and also Meredith Baxter’s mother.

Feel free to leave your pick(s) for the week because I say so

and now, from the SITE NEWS desk…

look at what you’re missing by not regularly checking out the SPEAKEASY tumblr, LOOK, will you?!


3 thoughts on “comfy chair!

  1. A belated thank you for the compliments concerning “Carole & Co.”! I’ll have been doing the blog for five years as of June 13 (roughly the time we expect to run our 2,000th entry), and it’s been a labor of love from day one. We try to blend a historian’s perspective with a fan’s enthusiasm, and I never imagined this endeavor would grow to such colossal proportions. But the more I learn about Lombard, the more I believe it’s worth it; she’s timeless.


    1. my pleasure! you can definitely tell the blog’s a labor of love, it’s always enjoyable, educational, and (once again) highly recommended to anyone reading this who hasn’t checked it out yet– Carole is a big fave of mine and of many and certainly deserves the attention. the wordpress backup looks nice too, thanks– will be adding to the links page! thanks again & drop in anytime :)


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