comfy chair! facial hair, fugitives, and feathers

this week, fetch the comfy chair for GRAND OLD MOVIES blog, not least because clicking on that pic will take you to a great post all about the ‘stache, but because exploring the site leads you to such delights as David Lean, Salome, more mustaches and further on to a tumblr, facebook and twitter for way more goodies (this post on brain movies is a personal fave)

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept or origin of comfy chair, please refer to this post to see the video whence it sprang, and more importantly please click this  “COMFY CHAIR” TAG to see all the great past occupants that have left their impressions.

TCM this week:

Thursday, lucky you! If you’ve missed it before, or haven’t picked up the recent Criterion release, you get another chance to check out the fabulous British Empire adventure yarn The Four Feathers which I wrote about here. My love for historical adventure/war epics knows no bounds, and this one ranks right up there with “essentials” like Gunga Din, and to me and many other fans, ranks right up there among the greatest films of that greatest film year 1939. 12:15pm

Friday is the cool if creepy contagion noir Panic in the Streets. Director Elia Kazan’s thriller casts Richard Widmark as New Orleans public health officer trying to stop a potential pneumonic plague outbreak carried by Jack Palance. Widmark, only three years after debuting as Tommy Udo, the snickering gangster who famously pushed a wheelchair bound granny down the stairs in the noir Kiss of Death, here proved once and for all that he would be just as effective at playing intense, credible, and totally dedicated authority figures to whom you’d trust any number of grannies. 4:15pm

One movie that needs to be checked off any classic movie “must see” list has to be I am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang (early Sat 4:15am). Paul Muni plays a fugitive on the epic Les Miserables level, a man whose fortunes collapse from an ill-timed hamburger dinner to imprisonment, escape, rehabilitation, betrayal and total persecution. Muni always gave his most and this performance is one of his best. Fresh off Scarface, Muni got a great payday and even script approval on this movie, and searingly portrays a man battered by fate and faced with increasingly horrifying prospects as it seems absolutely everything goes against him, most of all the prison system, which of course was the chief statement of the source material, written by a man who lived the story. What went for Muni and Warner’s was the film’s impact and box office success and a notable closing scene that was, like so many great movie moments, the result of a lighting accident, but provided one of the greatest fade-outs ever filmed.

Feel free to leave your pick(s) for the week

finally, to paraphrase Sally Field, you like me! you really sort of like me! Karen of Shadows & Satin and Dark Pages noir mag,  has seen fit to include me in passing on the LIEBSTER award she got, and so richly deserves! Many thanks for her kind words about this blog, my writing and for her friendship in general. Please visit her blog and all the other great folks she recommends, too. 

5 thoughts on “comfy chair! facial hair, fugitives, and feathers

  1. Kristina, I always enjoy GRAND OLD MOVIES, so thanks oodles for the tip about GOM’s new mustache post! Congrats also to you and Karen for your well-deserved Liebster Award for THE DARK PAGES and SHADOWS AND SATIN! Glad to hear that PANIC IN THE STREETS and I WAS A FUGITIVE FROM A CHAIN GANG will be back on TCM’s schedule on Friday; I watched …FUGITIVE… a while back and found it haunting, and found PANIC… to be a tight suspenser, so I’d recommend those to anyone.

    Since you asked us readers to suggest our own picks for the week, Kristina, as an Alfred Hitchcock fan, I urge everyone to set their DVRs for Monday afternoon at 5:30 p.m. EST for my favorite movie of all time, NORTH BY NORTHWEST, starring Cary Grant, Eva Marie Saint, James Mason, Jessie Royce Landis, and a fine selection of set pieces and other nifty character actors and bit players! I especially love Ned Glass as the ticket guy in Grand Central Terminal, and Les Tremayne and Olan Soule (the latter being the voice of the animated Batman in the 1960s and ’70s, among others) as the increasingly befuddled auctioneers as Grant tries to get away from the villains by making bizarre bids!


      1. hey there! yes absolutely NORTH X NW is always great, I think that movie has my fave score ever! also thanks for the link and this added pick, come bearing gifts like those anytime! :)
        FUGITIVE is so stark and brutal, and as I say “message” movies are not to everyone’s taste but an essential nonetheless..
        oh and thanks for the award congrats, Karen’s blog is so good & fun to read I am not at all surprised!


    1. you bet/ don’t mention it/ my pleasure! love your blog and always grateful for your visits here, keep up the great work !!


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