Shopping list! Brides, Spiders, PreCodes, Bucs & Yuks

lots of interesting stuff this week of FEB 28:

Here Come the Brides – The Complete Second Season. This show is: Joan Blondell, Bobby Sherman, David Soul, western comedy about backwoods lumberjacks who get brides shipped in, theme song by Perry Como and Sherman. How can you resist?

Product DetailsProduct Details

This week from Warner Archive: Buster Keaton At MGM Triple Feature, Pick A Star, Swing Fever / Playmates: Kay Kyser Double Feature, The Crash / Registered Nurse: Pre-Code Double Feature, Play Girl, Bedevilled & more. Did I tell you WAC has a tumblr? I did. They do. It’s here. go take a look at the post about this week’s releases, complete w preview clips, plot sums & more.

The Mountain, Blu-ray, Spencer Tracy & Robert Wagner

Where Love Has Gone, Blu-ray, campy melodrama pitting Bette Davis versus daughter Susan Hayward’s taste in men, in this plot based on the Harold Robbins novel which was in turn based upon the Lana Turner/ Johnny Stompanato murder scandal.

 Fritz Lang gets some nice Kino releases of his work, with

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Spiders, his 1919 silent (and his oldest work available to watch) about a labyrinthine organized crime ring, conspiracies and a worldwide treasure hunt, and 

Scarlet Street Blu-ray, the great noir with Edward G. Robinson, Joan Bennett and Dan Duryea.


Here’s Lucy season 5. Marked by Lucy’s real-life ski accident and a badly broken leg, the event was written in so you see Lucy in a wheelchair, outfits that cover up the brace and a cast that comes off then reappears (she was an impatient patient). Guests include Don Knotts, Eva Gabor, Lloyd Bridges, Robert Cummings, Ricardo Montalban, Elsa Lanchester, Craig Stevens.

French Fields. If you are of a younger generation that’s come to know Julia McKenzie as one of the latest Miss Marples via PBS, then check out this 1989 British sitcom (along with its predecessor Fresh Fields)


The Manions of America complete miniseries. Pierce Brosnan and Kate Mulgrew in this 1981 story of Irish Immigrants arriving in America in the mid 1800’s

 Product Details

The Buccaneer, DVD & Blu-ray, Yul Brynner, Claire Bloom, Charles Boyer

As always, I invite you to leave your pick of the week, recommendations for others on what’s worth their money, great buys you made recently, stuff you wish was coming out soon, stuff you’re really looking forward to, stuff I missed, any other thoughts , and please come back between posts, to check out the sidebar for links galore

4 thoughts on “Shopping list! Brides, Spiders, PreCodes, Bucs & Yuks

  1. Kristina, you’re bringing back memorieis for me. First, my dear late mom absolutely adored Pierce Brosnan, starting with THE MANIONS OF AMERICAN and continuing through his James Bond movies and more! Second, SCARLET STREET is a terrific film noir; that said, my favorite of the films Edward G. Robinson and Joan Bennett made was THE WOMAN IN THE WINDOW, but they’re both excellent. Another blast from the past: HERE COME THE BRIDES! I was just a kid when that was on. Sing it with with me: “Oh, the hills, the greenest green, in Seattle…” :-) (Ever see that episode of THE CRITIC where Jay Sherman tried to pretend he was Bobby Sherman? :-)) Swell roundup of goodies, Kristina, as always!

    P.S.: Glad to see you recently saluted friend and fellow blogger Ivan G. Shreve of THRILLING DAYS OF YESTERYEAR fams — great choice, my friend!


    1. THE MANIONS OF AMERICA is on my “buy” list. I remember watching it when I was in college, LOL. I’ve always been a big fan of Linda Purl (saw her on stage); she plays Brosnan’s sister.

      HERE COME THE BRIDES are a definite blast from the past!

      Best wishes,


    2. @Laura: yes I remember seeing Linda Purl a lot on TV back in the day, and to tie into the other new release, she was for a time Lucy’s daughter-in-law !

      @ Dorian : cool comments, lots of good stuff out this wk! I know stuff like Manions is not strictly “classic” but I like to include it bc I know we’re (mostly) all interested! hey it’s “classic” to us! #gettingOld #getoffmylawn
      Brosnan looked so amazing there btw, no wonder your mom was smitten starting there. :)

      if i may make a suggestion, u should write a post about scarlet Vs woman

      and yes I love TDOY (Ivan if u read this ) –reminds me of my fave old bookstores where you wander in and get lost for hours…

      @ both: I wish there were more mini-series like Manions nowadays, seems somehow perfect for today’s budgets/short attention spans .
      thanks for the visit as always! Speakeasy loves its regulars (but drinks still go on the tab)


      1. Ooh, Kristina, I like the way you think! SCARLET STREET vs WOMAN IN THE WINDOW would be a great blog post! I don’t currently own the Blu-Ray, but surely I can somehow get my hot little hands on them. Thanks a million for the suggestion; I’ll definitely credit you with the idea! :-) Also, LOL over your comment “hey it’s “classic” to us! #gettingOld #getoffmylawn” Clint still rocks!



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