comfy chair! All Hail Hawks

Comfy Chair returns this week with a tumblr spotlight on one of my favorite (and one of the greatest, IMO) Hollywood directors …

Howard Hawks. (the pic is one of many you will find at the excellent HOWARD HAWKS’ HOLLYWOOD, which you can visit by hitting this link or the pic itself. please go check it out and follow if you are on the tumblr, for a steady stream of nice Hawks related posters, stills and behind the scenes pix, foreign stuff and my favorite type of shiny object– GIFs– from Hawks’ movies.

do it, or else (click it to go to that post):

Ricky Nelson and John Wayne in a publicity still from Rio Bravo

Explanation of “comfy chair” in this post – please click this “COMFY CHAIR” TAG to see all the great past occupants.

TCM picks for the week ahead: Me, I love Doris Day and put her right up there in the pantheon of vocalists alongside Sinatra and Judy Garland, and you get tons of Doris this week, but check her out in MIDNIGHT LACE or STORM WARNING if you are of the misguided idea she was just good in musicals, or are not a musical fan. If you only have time for one, though, may I suggest LOVE ME OR LEAVE ME which is fabulous and might just be my favorite Day performance. If none of that interests you, then see the sidebar and check out some other bloggers’ April TCM reviews for more suggestions…

apologies for the shortage of posts lately, I’ll be back soon with more exclusive stuff, including “It came from the collection!” more “You look familiar” as well as a rejiggered “Quick reviews” as well as some other new surprises and joint ventures that have been brewing, and that I hope you’ll like. In the meantime, please remember that if you come here and find nothing new, assuage your immense disappointment by perusing  the sidebar, which will lead you to constantly updated places like the google+ page for some featured news & posts by other people, the self-perpetuating speakeasy blogroll, or the always refreshing tumblr. You can also hit the cool mystery links there, visit the “smackdown” link to see what magic a certain Speakeasy friend managed to spin from a simple lil suggestion by lil ole me. Also please see about the latest Dark Pages issue, which is still out there making friends and wants to get to know you. Also please visit the reorganized back rooms via this page here, which leads you to my collection/ peek at my movie room page, with new updated info regarding my theater room (hint: RIP TV)



4 thoughts on “comfy chair! All Hail Hawks

  1. Sing it with me, Kristina: “Mystery click/Are you ready for your mystery click? (to the tune of the old MYSTERY DATE game commercial)” :-) Beaucoup thanks for including the link to the “Fritz Lang Noir Smackdown! THE WOMAN IN THE WINDOW vs. SCARLET STREET,” and even MORE heartfelt thanks to you for suggesting our SMACKDOWN idea in the first place! Truly, you’re a sugar bowl with two handles (yes, that’s a good thing)!

    As if that and your cool links weren’t already great fun, you’ve included one of my favorite directors, Howard Hawks, in your Comfy Chair, with a hilarious BRINGING UP BABY GIF to boot! Keep up your wonderful work, my friend!


    1. “…don’t be late, it might be great!” (I admit I had to youtube the ad) yay! I haz two handles! Love Howard Hawks, so many great movies of so many genres. There’s a tumblr that will never run out of material.
      thanks as always for dropping in!


  2. Thanks, Speakeasy, I appreciate your interest in my blog and in Howard’s movies. Its been a trip finding Hawks curios on the web. Just when I think I’ve found everything worth posting, I find more cool stuff.


  3. thanks for stopping by! and you’re very welcome, I appreciate all your work finding & posting and just love the tumblr! great stuff


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