Comfy Chair! Citizen Screen & misc site stuff

this week fetch the comfy chair! for a 2-for-1 blog/tumblr deal…

Many thanks to Aurora, who’s a fun classic movie buff, loves a ridiculous quote and is kind enough to remember me every Friday on the Twitter. She has a TUMBLR here, that I regularly sneak up to, raid and reblog for cool eye candy, and she also has ONCE UPON A SCREEN here, a blog with lots of good posts and this, which alone should make you want to go look :)

Explanation of “comfy chair” in this post – please click the “COMFY CHAIR” TAG to see all the great past occupants.

and now for some greetings! and some apologies for another absence, lately this is ME, trying to get to the blog:

i.e. tackled by other tasks before I get here, by various errands, spring cleaning reno and tending to my movie collection. The writing I did was for the next Dark Pages issue so you have that to look forward to soon as well as some quick reviews !

but I still wanted to give you a cool classic blog to check out and let you know that over on my movie collection page, way down on the bottom in the Blue Ink I added a little movie room techie adventure involving dvd recorders and cables; it’s for wonks and didn’t merit its own post, so go check it out at this link if you’re interested

Thank you! come again!


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