First Look: Dark Pages June 2012 issue

calling all cars: be on the lookout for the latest issue of the noir mag …

I don’t normally like to toot my own horn, but HONK! I have the honor of a cover story in this issue, and all because I did some deep thinking about “what really is noir” and specifically, does the great Lucille Ball/ Henry Fonda movie THE BIG STREET belong in the genre, in this latest chapter of the series, “Noir or Not?”

I also contributed a smaller version of the usual “Deadly is the Screen”  calendar to let you know what noirs you can watch on TV, and what great DVDs and BluRay releases are coming up in the next couple months.

The rest of the Dark Pages mob of writers bring you some great reading, stuff like:

a closer look at Bart and Laurie, the hot twosome from GUN CRAZY, in another installment of the Famous Couples of Noir,

a look at the Language of Murder, My Sweet,

the third installment of the series on noir music,

quizzes and little odds & ends about actors in small roles and connections to other actors,

plus a bunch of fascinating letters full of knowledge from Dark Pages readers, which is no surprise, since anyone who reads DP must be smart. are you one of them? Because if you’re not a subscriber then it follows you might be the opposite of smart. There’s a remedy though, subscribing to the paper or e-version, which you can learn all about by clicking here.

ALSO in this issue and echoed HERE on my site, is an announcement about the year-end GIANT Dark Pages which will focus only on the movie NIGHTMARE ALLEY. We have a lot of articles in the works and great writers already taking part (keeping those a surprise!) but, just like jello, there’s always room for more, so please hit up this little info page and see how you can join us at this party– we’d love to add you to the Mob.



3 thoughts on “First Look: Dark Pages June 2012 issue

    1. thanks for once again gracing the speakeasy, the joint simply would not be the same without you

      a propos of noir:
      what’s a criminal’s least fave dessert?
      Drum roll

      I should probably add, to anyone interested, you may join the DP mob, but there are no guarantees as to what happens to you afterward.



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