Links 7.04.12


More on ANDY GRIFFITH from self-styled siren / immortal ephemera

Great read about MARY BETH HUGHES from Grand Old Movies

great big gorgeous eyefuls of ERROL FLYNN from once upon a screen

list of movie henchmen that were offed by villains

what will happen to special features in the era of streaming movies?

on a book about the Rom-Com genre from Carole& Co

a cool TCM summer under the stars Blogathon you might want to take part in, from ScribeHard and sittinonabackyardfence


JOHN WAYNE/ 3 MESQUITEERS, with nice art

plus, apologies to my twitter & tumblr followers for the major malfunction yesterday that caused all my old posts to get retweeted, etc as I was cleaning out dead links and lost photos, I messed something up with the sharing settings. please excuse my d’oh! moment. on the other hand, if you read something old that was new to you, thanks!

cool pic of the day, from a GREAT movie, DOWNSTAIRS

John Gilbert and Virginia Bruce in Downstairs, 1932

as seen on the tumblr, got from here 

4 thoughts on “Links 7.04.12

  1. Kristina,

    I try my best to be humble and am sincerely in the face of great bloggers like you and so many I’ve come across. But I’m not thanking you for the mention of the Flynn post. On that I’ll just say I can’t blame you. Nothing to do with me but what an eyeful! Glad you liked it.



    1. now now, when you call me a “great” blogger, you exaggerate and go too far. But I’ll let it stand lol :) many many thanks for that, very much appreciated & thanks again for the awesome Errol eye candy!! cheers


  2. I had meant to come over and thank you for linking to my TCM in July post the other day, but I completely lost track of time. So I absolutely wanted to be sure to get here today and thank you for that link and now the Andy Griffith link. Really appreciate the plugs! Thank you!



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