Links 7.09.12

Classic News / Reading Roundup: 

RIP ERNEST BORGNINE  from immortal ephemera / laura’s misc musings / as a great bad guy from cinema classics / a collection of his trailers from cinemaretro / his cartoon work / his TV work

Laura’s  blogosphere roundup has tons of great links & news

10 classic movie things to do this month

10 essential spaghetti westerns

Bela Lugosi’s cape found at a garage sale (!)


random pick from the Not-Hitchcock-athon, EXPERIMENT IN TERROR, because it’s a special fave of mine & stars Glenn Ford. You need a better reason?

latest DVD/Blu reviews at DVD savant

grade A comedy TROUBLE IN PARADISE (miriam hopkins, kay francis, herbert marshall) from classic film boy

cool pic of the day — Dolores del Rio

image from a big group of glamour shots at David Paris blog

2 thoughts on “Links 7.09.12

  1. Thanks for the link to “Bela Lugosi’s cape found at a garage sale.” Glad you found it interesting. Speakeasy is one of favourite blogs. Keep it up. Regards, Andi Brooks.


    1. thanks so much! nice to hear. It boggles the mind to think how much memorabilia & valuable stuff must be stashed away in people’s homes. best!



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