Links 7.17.12

Classic News / Reading Roundup: 

RIP KITTY WELLS coutnry queen whose music was heard in many movies,  hollywood reporter

RIP DONALD SOBOL whose encyclopedia brown mysteries I ate up as a kid, from hollywood reporter / cinemablend

more tributes to CELESTE HOLM  from lasso the movies / backlots

Dreamworks to acquire Classic Media? Casper, Richie Rich, others

sienna miller recreates Hitch’s THE BIRDS

time for peeps to flip, A new Elvis Presley recording has been discovered ht bill criders blog


24 frames: the gangster/ crime wave (which i just saw and liked a lot)

noir & chick flicks : happy birthday james cagney 

meanwhile back at the ranch: hal hackett (student council chairman in Love Laughs at Andy Hardy, among other movies)

hollywood revue: will success spoil rock hunter?

films on the box: ice cold in alex

macguffin movies : laura

film noir blonde: crime of passion


Criterion Three Wicked Melodramas From Gainsborough   link via Laura, who is celebrating 7 yrs of blogging but doesn’t look a day over 6

some nice Carole Lombard pics on eBay via carole&co

cool pic of the day also from carole&co

carole lombard p1202-1031c

5 thoughts on “Links 7.17.12

  1. Hi Kristina! Thanks as always for the links — want you to know I’ve been enjoying checking out this page every day, you’re doing a fantastic job!!

    Best wishes,


    1. hi Laura! thanks so much– your weekly blogosphere posts are the best though–anyone reading this who doesn’t happen to know of them should go check em out. Love to share anything cool I read so I’m glad you (and others) enjoy these posts! best to you and happy blogiversary!


  2. Kristina, you’re not the only one who ate up Donald J. Sobol’s Encyclopedia Brown book series! Aw, man! Part of my childhood died with the news that Donald J. Sobol, creator of the Encyclopedia Brown kidlit mysteries has died! I also loved Sobol’s teen spy comedy-mystery SECRET AGENTS FOUR. God bless Sobol for living a long life and writing so many awesome books! He was one of the authors that made me want to be a writer when I was a youngster. He will be missed, to say the least!


    1. I know what you mean about Sobol’s books inspiring you to be a writer, at that age I even wrote a (poor) version of those mysteries myself. Sure he got a great many kids interested in the genre, reading& writing, what a great legacy!



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