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Classic entertainment new to DVD/BD this week of JULY 31…


Body and Soul (Blu-Ray) – desc from classicflix: John Garfield is perfectly cast as Joe Morse, a lawyer whose connection to a ruthless racketeer has nearly destroyed his sense of morality. His participation in a rigged numbers racket could prove disastrous for his high-strung brother (superbly played by Thomas Gomez), whose small-time policy bank stands to go broke when the rigged numbers pay off. supporting cast includes Paul Fix, Beatrice Pearson and Noir goddess, Marie Windsor (The Killing).

Force of Evil – John Garfield, desc from classicflix: John Garfield delivers as Oscar nominated performance as Charley Davis, a strong-willed young prizefighter whose ruthless quest for a shot at the title forces him to mortgage his humanity to a corrupt boxing syndicate. But when faced with the chance to regain his self-respect, Charley climbs into the ring one last time – in an unforgettable climatic fight scene shot by two time Oscar winner James Wong Howe. Widely regarded as one of the best boxing stories ever made, Body and Soul boasts a strong supporting cast, an Oscar nominated screenplay by Abraham Polonsky (Force of Evil) and a 1947 Academy Award for Best Editing. Directed by Robert Rossen (The Hustler)

Forever Marilyn Blu-Ray Collection 7 discs- which you can also buy separately
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953), How To Marry A Millionaire (1953), River of No Return (1954), There’s No Business Like Show Business (1954), The Seven Year Itch (1955), Some Like It Hot (1959), The Misfits

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or this

Marilyn the Premiere CollectionMarilyn the Premiere Collection

the 17 movie Marilyn the Premiere Collection, pretty inexpensive considering you get:

Disc 1 – Volume 1: 1950-1952:
All About Eve
As Young As You Feel
Lets Make It Legal
Love Nest
Don’t Bother To Knock

Disc 2 – Volume 2: 1952-1953
Monkey Business
O. Henry’s Full House
We’re Not Married
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
How To Marry A Millionaire

Disc 3 – Volume 3: 1954-1961
There’s No Business Like Show Business
The Seven Year Itch
Bus Stop
Some Like It Hot
Let’s Make Love
The Misfits

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Midnight Movies Vol 2: Western Triple Feature (Companeros/Four of the Apocalypse/Run Man Run)

Federal Men

Federal Men – Desc from classicflix: Federal Men, which ran for five seasons (1950-55) on ABC, featured true government stories of fraud and deception. In each thrilling episode – based on real-life cases – “The Chief” (Walter Greaza, The Street With No Name) and his agents pursue counterfeiters, loan sharks, gamblers, bootleggers, swindlers, smugglers and confidence men, Featuring a who’s-who of Hollywood, series guest stars included James Dean, Claude Atkins, Carolyn Jones, Ben Gazzara and more

wow from Warner Archive comes an awesome surplus of Sword & Sandal movies: Vikings! Tartars! Son of Spartacus! Hercules! The Tiger of Malaysia !

Swords and Sandals

WAC is also celebrating Christmas in July with some nice collections of Hanna Barbera and Rankin/Bass TV Christmas classics. click the above pic to be transported there

make sure to keep up with the latest from FOX Cinema Archives via movies unlimited

then there’s A Ton of rare &obscure and bargain priced stuff from Alpha releases at :

Close-Up -Alan Baxter
Directed by Jack Donohue
The lost film noir classic. A photographer accidently photgraphs a Nazi war criminal on the streets of New York and becomes a target for reprisals and murder.

Foreign Intrigue: The Executioner / The Good Sister / The Gun / One Forty-Two
Starring Charles Boyer, Theresa Wright, Chuck Connors & Dick Powell
Four dramatic TV Shows

Dawn Express -Michael Whalen
Directed by Albert Herman
Sadistic Nazi agents intimidate an American scientist into revealing his formula for super-powered fuel.

Fighting Rookie – Jack La Rue
Directed by Spencer Gordon Bennet
After being framed in a major warehouse robbery, a cop goes undercover as a rowdy drunk to uncover the actual criminals& discovers more than he bargained for.

Detective Sagas: Tiger at Noon / The Contest / The Gun / Red Wine
Starring Stephen McNally, Dick Powell & David Niven
Four dramatic TV mysteries

The Gay Ranchero -Roy Rogers, Andy Devine, Jane Frazee & George Meeker
Directed by William Witney
Rogers on the trail of killers who are sabotaging incoming planes at the western airport.

Prairie Pirate (Silent) -Harry Carey & Fred Kohler
Directed by Edmund Mortimer
A young woman commits suicide rather than be raped by a gang of thugs. Her righteous brother turns to a life of crime in order to infiltrate and bring to justice the sadistic thugs who are responsible.

Salome (Silent) – Alla Nazimova
Directed by Charles Bryant
Highly stylized, erotic, Oscar Wilde and Aubrey Beardsley-inspired retelling of Salome’s request for the head of John the Baptist.

Tol’able David (Silent)
Directed by Henry King
Richard Barthelmess as a young country boy faced with the responsibility of caring for his family while engaged in a blood feud with neighbors.

Ultra Rare Television, Volume 1
Starring Vincent Price, Cesar Romero, Berry Kroeger & Doris Dowling
Directed by Richard Dunlap
Suspenseful tale of a secret society whose members must commit murder to keep in good standing. Also includes an episode of the “Chevy Mystery Show” based on a Robert Louis Stevenson short story.

Terror Island
Starring Harry Houdini & Lila Lee
Directed by James Cruze
An inventor travels to the South Pacific with a beautiful woman searching for her missing Farther and a fortune in buried treasure.

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