Links 8.01.12

Classic News / Reading Roundup: 

RIP GORE VIDAL / Hollywood reporter / variety / ny times

TONY MARTIN tributes from immortal ephemeraNoir and Chick Flicks

more on R.G. ARMSTRONG

Brady Bunch remake

Vintage inspirational posters

director John Huston made a documentary on post traumatic stress disorder

Lots more great links at commentarama, including 10 classic movies that critics hated


today is JOHN WAYNE day on TCM, check a roundup of posts on his movies here

Carole & co : Movie Star News store died in July at age 73, a victim of changing technology. So sad, I could get lost for days in places like this

Outspoken & Freckled : The Thin Man

movie morlocks : no moar listmaking!!! (oh well, I like listmaking)

movie magg : hidden gem of a thriller, The Ninth Guest

in so many words  : Charlie Chan at the Olympics 


39 steps/  Singin in the RainJean Grémillon During the Occupation

cool pic of the day Robert Taylor from They Don’t Make ‘Em Like They Used To

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