Links 8.07.12

Classic News / Reading Roundup: 

RIP Mexican actor Jorge Luke (Nevada Smith)

Dr Seuss illustrated for major companies like NBC, General Electric, and Ford long before he would become a famous children’s book author


why just fantasize about being Carole Lombard and having her onscreen wardrobe designed by Travis Banton? make your own film-inspired clothes through Hollywood Pattern!  (great pics, esp for sewing nerds like me)

Motion Picture Gems : Chicago’s Congress Theater, Inside a GoldenAge Movie Palace

L.A. La Land: Fame, Fortune, and Forensics : receives accolades for a “Brilliant piece of analytic depth on the character Sadie Thompson and the film versions she was portrayed in”

yet more DVD reviews : Tyrone Power in Suez  & Buster Keaton’s the Saphead

and via DVD savant: Orson Welles’ Rarely Seen 1937 Warner Bros. Screentest

film noir of the week : The Unguarded Moment is a lost gem from the 1950s

Movie classics : Judy Garland, Gene Kelly in For Me and My Gal 

The Shades of Black and White loves Judy Garland & Van Heflin in Presenting Lily Mars (me too)

today on TCM Sidney Poitier, SUTS post central here


Thirteen more Fox titles, most with “A” stars out next week 

cool pic of the day is susan hayward from it’s the pictures that got small

come back later today for this week’s classic dvd releases


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