Links 8.12.12

Classic News / Reading Roundup:

RIP Carlo Rambaldi, FX wiz ny times

RIP Mel Stuart, Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory Boot Hill 

Magnificent Seven remake finds a writer

Katharine Hepburn reads a letter she wrote to Spencer Tracy

33 Things We Learned From ‘The French Connection’ Commentary

How Appeasing a Global Audience is Making Hollywood Movies Weaker (and Oddly More Whitewashed)


catch up on TCM summer under the stars posting here: James Mason & Ginger Rogers! 

Classic Film and TV Cafe : The Five Best Movie Gimmicks

Where Danger lives : Barry Sullivan, Charles McGraw in Loophole 

I’ve done woodcut& they are hard; Classic Movie Man tips you off to an artist doing classic movie woodcut prints

movie morlocks : starting an examination of the transition to sound movies

kit parker films : The Weiss Brothers, pioneer motion picture exhibitors, producers and distributors, financed, produced and/or distributed around 200 feature films, serials, and hundreds of short subjects, from 1915 until the late 1930s. Today they are barely a footnote, even to hard-core vintage movie buffs


Seven Seas to Calais with Robert Taylor, a 10 movie Robert Mitchum set, a Charley Chase Silent Comedy Collection. 

thoughts on the Mitchum set from  The Night Editor 

cool pic of the day is a Citizen Kane gif  got via vertigo falls go see the Kane and Vertigo gifs

Citizen Kane GIF


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