Comfy Chair! Thank You edition

highlighting great sites and picks for classics on TV this week …

many many thanks to Classic Movie Man, aka Stephen Reginald, for tagging me with a 7×7 award! I really appreciate your appreciation of my blog and thank you for including me in such a great group! Seeing as I recently got a 7×7 and you can read my answers to the questions here, I’ll take Stephen up on his suggestion and pass it right along to one other blogger I’ve never awarded anything to, and one that Stephen’s already included in his picks so it’ll count as a double 7×7, a 14×14. or a 49? I also really want you to go check out Stephen’s picks for his own best, most underrated, etc, posts (I really love his Val Lewton and Mitchell Liesen pieces) a great place to start with his posts if you are unfamiliar with his writing. Thank you Stephen!

I hereby pass on this 7×7 to Aurora at once upon a screen as thanks for your support of Speakeasy and for some great posts!

Now there is one other order of business left outstanding in this file, and that’s the Liebster that I was kindly and with the nicest compliments tagged with a few months back by my pal Karen at Shadows& Satin — please go check out her blog–profuse thanks to her as well (stay tuned for a sneak peek of her newest DARK PAGES noir issue just now hot off the presses) Apparently they went and changed the rules of Liebster response since I got this, so it’s probably best to clear the decks and  not tag anyone, but instead use my picks to recommend to all my readers 5 sites where I go to embiggen my brain, stay to read for a long time and always learn something new. Check them out, you are sure to enjoy :






Again, many many thanks to nice folks for thinking enough of this blog to award me something, thanks also to all the new subscribers  lately! You and everyone who clicks through here and stops to leave comments (don’t be shy, rest of you) are much appreciated.

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NOW, on to this week’s TCM Picks, my top picks in RED

SUN 8 pm A WALK IN THE SUN, one of the best troop pictures ever made, and an absolute must-see if you like SAVING PRIVATE RYAN (which I think really owes a lot to this movie, minus the big FX bits)

MON Edmond O’Brien day! Only one of the greatest actors there ever was. Also great is RUN SILENT, RUN DEEP with Clark Gable and Burt Lancaster.

TUES 1.30am LES GIRLS for musical fans.

WED 2am THE AWFUL TRUTH with Irene Dunne, Cary Grant, essential/101 screwball comedy for those who haven’t seen it, so is THE PALM BEACH STORY, THURS 6pm with Claudette Colbert, or if you’ve seen that one, IT’S A WONDERFUL WORLD with Colbert and Jimmy Stewart taking screwiness to another level on THURS 4.30pm

Overly pretty and talented actors, both male and female, were too often underrated and underappreciated; if they were lucky enough to get the odd juicy role they really proved they were more than just eye candy. My fave Tyrone Power falls into this category, as does Linda Darnell and Robert Taylor and so many others. Errol Flynn, one of the screen’s greatest action stars, got pegged early on as just a handsome swashbuckler, so if that’s all you know him for, or you already know he was much more and just want to see one of his best, then THE PRIVATE LIVES OF ELIZABETH AND ESSEX is for you, on FRI midnight. No less a talent than Bette Davis herself, who had no great love for Flynn as they were making the movie (witness the very real slap she laid on him in the movie), looked back on the film and marveled at how good he was. The movie is fantastic in every aspect, from the cast to the music and cinematography. Bette’s stark (shaved forehead and eyebrow) look as the Virgin Queen was done by one of the makeup masters from the legendary Hollywood Westmore family, who did everything from mustaches to monsters to monstrous femmes; transforming Bette into Elizabeth was Percival “Perc” Westmore, who made his fame turning Charles Laughton into THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME.

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