First Look: Dark Pages Aug 2012 issue

Round up the usual suspects for news on the latest issue of the noir mag-let…This issue of Dark Pages seems to be all about the ladies, with the centrerpiece being a big and really impressive spotlight on the gorgeous and underrated Linda Darnell, complete with career factoids, biography and of course special focus on her noirs. Supporting players in this bombshell issue are Barbara Lawrence and Anne Francis. Editor and DP grande dame Karen kicks off a great new feature which revisits the essentials of noir, with a look at Night & the City, its plot, best parts and facts to make it better upon re-watching. Dark Pages continues on its musical tour of the genre with the 4th part of noir music, offers you another installment in the ongoing chronicle of greatest noir quotes, on the theme of threats, a look at characters names, and every issue of course has letters and interaction between writers and readers that few, if any, other movie mags have.

My contribution in this issue is a special focus on one of Linda Darnell’s noirs. I also have an extended “Deadly is the Screen” calendar, which covers noir to watch on TV and DVD through September and October– for the TCM overview I pick some noirs about characters of varying ages are accused of crying wolf, a number of lawyers, doctors and journalists who try to clear someone else’s name, and a few who need to clear their own. I also give you a bigger than usual list of noir already or soon to be out on DVD and BluRay, because there are way more titles, from notable to obscure, than you ever asked for, and probably can afford, but will be glad to know are coming out.

As always Dark Pages is loaded with info and enjoyment for noir nerds, so please click here to subscribe. 

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