Links 9.15.12

Classic News / Reading Roundup:

RIP Vondell Darr, silent and talking pictures  – boot hill


Lasso the movies likes Tyrone Power and Susan Hayward in RAWHIDE

Shadows & satin has a great noir pick for September

Tcm morlocks – Charley Chase was one of the funniest, most widely talented, most important, and most influential comedians of the early 20th century

Very interesting Universal Studios Backlot blogathon going on.  go here to check out the posts

Criminal Movies – Top Ten Steve McQueen Anti Heroes

From the Vault – Claude Rains in The Man Who Watched Trains Go By or The Paris Express

Let’s misbehave – brothers and sisters of famous precode celebrities


The Trap (1959), a crime-drama starring Richard Widmark with some great art

cool pic of the day from lasso the movies post on Rawhide

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