Links 9.18.12

Classic News / Reading Roundup:

RIP Winston Rekert  and General Hospital’s John Ingle (&hollywood reporter obit)


Is this the best movie ending ever?

Can’t stop the movies looks at a great pre-code, Safe in Hell

Interested in learning more about pre-codes? Check out these documentaries ( at let’s misbehave)

Dawn’s chick flicks has One More River & a bio of Diana Wynyard

Not the baseball player ,on the injustice that ruined  Fatty Arbuckle’s career

Monster girl : “1943’s Flesh and Fantasy is by brilliant director Julien Duvivier, and co-produced by Charles Boyer, and still remains an obscure forgotten horror gem”

Beginner’s guide to Japanese noir

True classics has a great look at the life of animator Chuck Jones


Von Ryan’s Express Blu-ray (LOVE this movie), The Big Trail & The Barbarian and the Geisha

cool pic of the day from the above linked Chuck Jones post:

come back soon for this week’s Classic DVD/BluRay release shopping list


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