Links OCT 8.12

Classic News / Reading Roundup:

Laura’s regular roundup leads you to more CAROLE LOMBARD, an ELIZABETH MONTGOMERY book & always much more

IRENE DUNNE cemented her screwball style in THEODORA GOES WILD (the motion pictures)

FILM NOIR from A to Z at classic film & TV cafe

VINCENT PRICE in CONFESSIONS OF AN OPIUM EATER from Warner Archive MOD review by Will at Cinematically insane

A list of 20 classic horror titles available from CRITERION

Can’t Stop the Movies look at SUNSET BOULEVARD  from every angle

Faded video lables looks at a great Burt Lancaster movie, THE LEOPARD

cool pic of the day: BORIS KARLOFF enjoying a break during of filming of Frankenstein

Boris Karloff - tea break on the set<br /><br />Happy Birthday today, November 23rd!  &lt;3

4 thoughts on “Links OCT 8.12

  1. Kristina, is this Halloween or Christmas? I feel like I’m getting a ton of presents already! :-) I’m especially excited about the Classic Film & TV Cafe’s A to Z Film Noir post, the Criterion list, the Elizabeth Montgomery book, …OPIUM EATER, and the swell pic of Karloff as The Monster downing a cuppa – pass the Darjeeling! :-) BTW, Vinnie and I put up your ad for the Val Lewton Blogathon ad over at TotED to help spread the good word. Keep those news and reviews a-comin! :-)


    1. I believe in gifting my nice readers everyday! So much great stuff somedays it’s hard to just pick a handful… Thanks so much for promoting the Lewton event, very much appreciated !



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