Links OCT 12.12

“a double album of one of Charles Laughton’s celebrated public readings, originally recorded by Capitol in 1961 and released after his death, can now be downloaded as a set of mp3 files” (via About last night)

A roundup of RANDOLPH SCOTT westerns you can get on DVD

Check out this 1897 flicker, THE MERRY SKELETON

BEAST FROM HAUNTED CAVE at michael’s moviepalace

Spencer Tracy in DANTE’S INFERNO at Mondo 70

THE LAW IN HER HANDS review, with a focus on Margaret Lindsay at noir&chick flicks

All good things gives you one of the women of Hammer films: VERONICA CARLSON

Richard Boone in the cool I BURY THE LIVING at forgotten films

cool pic of the day KIRK DOUGLAS on the set of ACE IN THE HOLE

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