Links OCT 15.12

Classic News / Reading Roundup:

These horror movies may not all be classic but the CARS sure are

Shades of black & white loves BEAU GESTE almost as much as I do

Manish guests at once upon a screen with a post on HEDY LAMARR

Spoilers talks about the great ELEANOR PARKER

Way more links (plus a nice mention of my LARAINE DAY post) from Laura

Classic movies has more good LINKS

And out of the past has a new deeesign, a hubby blog and more links

Will talks about one wild & crazy pre-code, SAFE IN HELL

DVD savant reviews the UNIVERSAL MONSTERS blu’s, THE SLENDER THREAD  & has news

This just in from the shameless self promotion desk:

Thanks for your post promoting  the VAL LEWTON HALLOWEEN blog event, Last Drive In


CAROLE LOMBARD rarer movies from the 30s

cool pic of the day from the above linked post on ELEANOR PARKER


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