Your Guide to Classics on TV in NOV

a huge roundup of full-month previews and picks! Learn about the month ahead here…

Constance Bennett is TCMs star of the month with her movies showing every Tuesday. The other major month-long focus is Novel adaptations, with movies covering all the genres.  Smaller spotlights are on family movies for Thanksgiving, Merle Oberon, Vivien Leigh, Grace Kelly, dancer extraordinaire Eleanor Powell, director William Wyler, and dames Gloria Grahame, and Virginia Mayo –coming soon is my own longer bio on Mayo and “must-see” picks as they get closer.

Here’s a roundup of some select bloggers’ looks at the month ahead:

Thrilling Days of Yesteryear

Immortal Ephemera pending! due to storm delay

Laura’s Misc Musings TCM and one for FOX MC plus her previous  quick looks.

Journeys in Classic Film

Hollywood Revue  

caftan woman chooses one

shadows & satin chooses a pre-code   and some noirs 

celluloid club does weekly TCM alert posts at this tag

this post will be updated with more guides and pinned as all month to the sidebar so come back to check anytime. if you do a similar type of post and I’m missing it, leave me a comment with the link

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2 thoughts on “Your Guide to Classics on TV in NOV

  1. What a great resource, rounding up everyone’s roundups in one place! Just enjoyed Caftan Woman’s pick and will be reading more this weekend. Thank you, and thanks very much for the link!

    Best wishes,



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