Links NOV 5.12

Classic news/reading roundup:

A list of presidents on film

THE CAT & THE CANARY with BobHope & Paulette Goddard

ART CARNEY! What more do you need to know?

Review of a book on actor LYLE TALBOT by his daughter

Plus a link to the book’s LA Times review via Ann Dvorak biographer

Many more links via LAURA’S weekly roundup

Goregirl’s TOP 10 Favorite Horror Films From 1961

What’s this? A Warren William movie I haven’t seen? BEAUTY & THE BOSS

I love these budget mega-movie sets: Motion Pictures blog is working her way through the titles in the Mill Creek boxes

On Welles’  OTHELLO


Check out the cover art for THE BIG TRAIL and EASTER PARADE at digital bits

cool pic of the day is the aforementioned LYLE TALBOT  with  ANN DVORAK from ann

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