My Forbidden Shopping List

Classic entertainment new to DVD/BD this week of NOV 27

shopping list this week goes on a bit of a post Thanksgiving diet with relatively few releases…

Perry Mason: The Eighth Season, Vol. 1Lost Western Classics - Law and The OutlawMedic Volume 7Lady In The Death HouseSlapstick Rides Again - All Lit Up (1920), Catalina Here I Come (1917)/Dry And Thirsty (1920)/Playing Horse (1915)Golden Age Of Television Volume 10


Many ALPHA releases via OLDIES.COM , including:

TOM MIX silent classic collection,  PRAIRIE PALS,  MEDIC,  LONG SHOT,  LADY IN THE DEATH HOUSE, THE TROUBLE WITH FATHER, plus  silents, TV, and slapstick collections and much much more

among WARNER ARCHIVES new releases are:

My Forbidden Past
One Shoe Makes it Murder
The Chocolate Soldier
The Sun Comes Up
Three Daring Daughters
Black Gold
The Castilian
Coast of the Skeletons
Triple Cross

you can always browse thru the previous Shopping Lists via this link to prepare your gift picks

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