Links NOV 28.12

Classic News / Reading Roundup:

RIP:  LARRY HAGMAN  – Hollywood reporter / LA times /  and BOBBIE JORDAN

Upcoming Blu-rays: Wild River ,  Gentleman’s Agreement , How Green Was my Valley, Titanic

New book out DEC 4, JOHN WAYNE the legend & the man

Looking at the locations from a cool noir, HOUSE ON TELEGRAPH HILL

Looking at the iconography of STAIRS in suspense/horror

Looking at CHARLES BRONSON’s top 10 anti-hero roles

Looking at JOAN CRAWFORD  as quintessential flapper in Our Dancing Daughters

Looking at GLORIA GRAHAME because it’s her birthday (source)

so read about her movies showing today on TCM

we’re only a few weeks away from that time when THE DARK PAGES (for whom I am the senior writer) puts out its annual GIANT issue, this year focusing all and only on the great carny tale NIGHTMARE ALLEY. Some of the folks who will be joining us at this party can hardly contain themselves, so Laura reviews the movie, while  Jo at the Last drive-in teases you with her look at the film’s editing and the geek. Enjoy these, but know that they are mere teasers, just appetizers, for their contributions, along with many more great writers who will have juicy informative and insightful articles covering every possible angle of this landmark noir. So check out here how you can get your hands on what promises to be the best Dark Pages yet!

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  1. ALL great information and highlights. BUT the news of a How Green Was My Valley bluray has me salivating!



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