Links NOV 30.12

Classic News / Reading Roundup:


On SUSAN PETERS, who was so good in Sign of the Ram (for one)

Jean Arthur &Charles Boyer were in HISTORY IS MADE AT NIGHT, but here you get a brief bio of Leo Carillo

Leonard Maltin on his fave movie logos

Jimmy Lydon & Warren William in the suspenser STRANGE ILLUSION

All about ALMA HITCHCOCK, played by Helen Mirren in the new movie

And about the great VERA MILES, played by Jessica Biel (Timberlake)

poll: vote for your favorite Christmas movie

cool post on whether Bogart’s CHAIN LIGHTNING was an influence on silver age Green Lantern

news on loads of westerns coming to DVD

LAURA will be out on Blu-ray

More classic links including gift ideas, Yul Brynner,  Leslie Caron & more

cool pic of the day is I want to Ride my Bicycle! ALAN LADD & director JOHN FARROW   (source)

Director John Farrow talks to Alan Ladd during the making of Calcutta

I’ll be taking part in this SCENES OF THE CRIME BLOGATHON, check out the details

Did you read my post about VIRGINIA MAYO & some of her noirs showing today on TCM?

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    1. thanks, I try to give you a nice mix of stuff to warm you up! a little cocoa to go with wouldn’t hurt either!



  1. You know Alan Ladd is such a cool actor that I find myself watching more and more of his films. Shane is just a masterpiece. Whispering Smith is just a couple of notches below Shane. I loved Ladd with Loretta Young in China. I just caught him in Santiago with Lloyd Nolan in another very enjoyable film. Lastly, I just saw Ladd In Salty O’Rourke a real nice horseracing film. Gail Russell who is in this film is a real sweetheart of a gal. You know the film reminded me of Boots Malone, another great racetrack type film that is on TCM this month. The great actor, Stanley Clements appears in both.

    Alan Ladd is an actor who should get more respect than just the acknowledgement of Shane and his film noirs with Veronica Lake. Ladd is a great and versatile actor.

    Oh, Lucky Jordan is another good one that just came to my head. I could go on and on about Ladd. If I was to describe Ladd it would be with the term quiet confidence. It is a real shame how he came to his demise……….. Nice photo of Ladd, Kristina. He deserves a write-up, :) .

    Sorry, Kristina for going off on a tangent because I originally just wanted to recommend Ladd in Salty O’Rourke. So as the great Gilda Radner character Rosanna Rosannadana of SNL once said, never mind, :) .


    1. I share your admiration of Alan Lad, he had a nice understated way about him that lent itself to the cooler stuff like the noirs, he and Veronica made the most amazing noir couple, I mean others may have been hotter but they had a very special chemistry. I just recently got Salty O’Rourke but haven’t watched yet every time you comment here I have to add more movies to my “watch soon” stack, ha. But Gail Russell was so beautiful and tragic as well. No classic talk is a tangent, really…


  2. I just saw Alan Ladd in the 1962 film 13 West Street which co-starred Rod Steiger. Ladd gets beat up early by a bunch of young thugs and virtually spends the rest of the film trying to exact revenge on his attackers and achieve justice. Steiger is cool as the police detective. I love Rod Steiger especially in his role as the lawyer in the movie The Court-Martial of Billy Mitchell with Gary Cooper.

    As far as 13 West Street is concerned, I did enjoy it. 13 West Street is not a great film but does keep you interested. I must admit that I do enjoy justice type films. One of the best justice movies to me was the 1980 film, Defiance with Jan Michael Vincent. It was the ultimate justice flick to me.


    1. I have never seen this one, sounds interesting, I like Alan Ladd a lot and him in a movie with Rod Steiger seems fascinating already :) “justice” movies work since you have your plot basically laid out instantly and I’m pretty sure everyone has some mistreatment in their past that they still think about getting a bit of revenge for. universal appeal


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