Your Guide to Classics on TV in DEC


a huge roundup of full-month previews and picks! Learn about the month ahead here…

BARBARA STANWYCK is TCM star of the month with her movies showing every Wednesday. Fridays are for director Ernst Lubitsch, of course Christmas means Christmas movies, New Year’s means Abbott & Costello, while the end time the Mayans foretold comes on the 21st with an Apocalypso lineup. Guest programmers include Lee Child, author of the Jack Reacher series (which I’ve read all of and highly recommend) and other focuses include Una Merkel, Mitchum, epic westerns, Thin Man, Andy Hardy & more.  Look out for my “must-see” picks a couple days ahead of whatever I want you watch, naturally.

Here’s a roundup of some select bloggers’ looks at the month ahead:

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Journeys in Classic Film

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Noir &Chick Flicks tells you about TCM’s star of the month

celluloid club does weekly TCM alert posts at this tag

caftan woman picks you a good one for Dec

this post will be updated and pinned to the top menu all month so come back to refresh your memory and find out when to set your DVRs (or VHS, not judging), and if you do a similar type of post and I’m missing it, leave me a comment with the link

picture source is Noir&Chick Flicks’ post

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    1. Yes as if the sheer number of her movies isn’t enough, you get all kinds of genres. Looking forward to the Una Merkel too.


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