Operation Shopping List

Classic entertainment new to DVD / BD this week of DEC 11:

screenarchives.com  exclusives:

Beloved Infidel

Warner Archive:

Operation EichmannBattle Zone


Battle Zone

I Escaped From The Gestapo

Operation Eichmann

God’s Gift to Women

It’s Tough to be Famous

Side Show

 other new releases:

The Story of Film: An OdysseyDjango! Double Feature: Django Kills Silently / Django's Cut Price Corpses

DJANGO Double Feature: Django Kills Silently / A Pistol for Django

DJANGO Double Feature: Man Called Django / Django and Sartana’s Showdown in the West

Some Dollars for Django 4 movie set

The Story of Film: An Odyssey

Mark of the Gun (a long lost western)

Omnibus: James Agee’s Mr. Lincoln and the Civil War

The Ultimate Buster Keaton Collection [15-Disc Blu-ray Box Set]Hazel: The Complete Fourth SeasonBabes in Toyland [Blu-ray]The Wild Geese (Blu-ray DVD Combo)Omnibus: Mr Lincoln & The Civil WarGunsmoke: The Seventh Season, Vol. 1

Hazel 4

Baron Blood

The Wild Geese

Gunsmoke 7 vol 1

Ultimate Buster Keaton 15 discs

Babes in Toyland

Grapevine video for DEC:

Three sound films


Frank Coghlan Jr. is a youngster who runs away from his schoolhouse to look for work in New York. However in the big city he only finds himself tangled up in a crime.


Based on the Gene Byrnes comic strip, the gangs big screen adventure is packed with plenty of laughs and great child talent. Included is the Reg’lar Fellers animated short: Happy Days.


Criminals, entertainers, and mistaken identity on the last show boat on the Mississippi. Lots of great songs and popular stars in this fun musical.

& Four new silent titles

CHRISTUS (1914) early Italian drama tells the story of Christ, from a lovely hand-painted print.

THE BARGAIN (1914) William S. Hart is a bandit trying to mend his wicked ways for the woman he loves, in this early feature. Tinted

BRAVEHEART (1925) Rod La Rocque is the Indian Braveheart who attends law school to fight for his tribe.


Gloria Swanson and Eugene O’Brien star in this romantic tale of two unlikely New Yorkers in love

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