Links DEC 14.12

Classic News / Reading Roundup:

VAN HEFLIN is always a welcome sight, here’s a tribute

And he was in SHANE, which is covered here

12 essential American cartoons

10 best movies of director NICHOLAS RAY

Review of SUSPIRIA Blu-ray

a cool blog dedicated to BASIL RATHBONE has been spending the last few posts on a fascinating look at the 2nd mrs. Rathbone

the Richard Attenborough drama LONDON BELONGS TO ME

grab bag post including monsters, Lugosi, stuntman Yakima Canutt & Cary Grant

more links  to Hitchcock old & “new”, Marlene dollie, It’s a Wonderful Life, Marilyn , Omar Sharif & more

cool pic of the day is Richard Attenborough from the link above  (source)


13 thoughts on “Links DEC 14.12

  1. Wowie, Kristina, is there no end to your movies news and treasures? I’m especially glad to see Van Heflin and vintage animation getting a little love! LONDON BELONGS TO ME has me intrigued, too. Keep that swell movie info coming, my friend, and Happy Holidays!


  2. Nice to see a bit of Van Heflin online but The Baz is way to cool. Another link for me to research and explore.


    1. I know what you mean, so will I since I just discovered it. the “specialized” blogs are something to behold, SO much info and research! Thanks!


  3. Wonderfully timely. Just bought bother versions of ‘3:10 to Yuma’ for my wife (yes, honestly – she asked for them).
    Haven’t seen the original since I was in short pants, but am looking forward to it even more now.

    Excellent links – glad I found your place!


      1. We’re trying to pass her taste down to our boys (11 & 13).
        Will be watching Bells of St. Marys and Holiday Inn tonight and tomorrow….

        Gotta love the old B&W films – pretty impressive that we can watch so many of them with the kids today, even though they were made for adults then.

        Merry Christmas! :)


        1. That’s super, once you start them young… you’re right, lots of classics can be both “safe” to watch for kids yet have more adult themes. Thanks again, have a browse around and speak up anytime & Merry Christmas to you as well


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