Your Guide to Classics on TV in JAN


a huge roundup of full-month previews and picks! Learn about the month ahead here…

Very excited that LORETTA YOUNG is TCM star of the month with 38 of her movies showing every Wednesday. Young was certainly a film & TV giant, and one of my favorite actresses, but if all you know of her is her later sailing-down-the-staircase-in-gowns persona (not that there’s anything wrong with that mind you), then treat yourself to the pre-code pictures TCM is showing, which will reveal what writer Mick LaSalle calls the naughty, edgy side of her, as a determined and “struggling working woman” trying to make it through the depression. She was simply luminous, with an unreal beauty and could play both tough and soft roles, and be funny or heartbreaking. Other January focuses include 27 caper films (and who doesn’t love capers? I have a jar of them in my fridge), movies adapted from Broadway, movies of Ernest Borgnine, plus Georges Brent & Raft. Bill Paxton guest programs, noir expert Eddie Muller hosts his picks, and TCM celebrates the birthdays of Elvis, Sal Mineo, Jane Wyman, Danny Kaye & much more in a great month of viewing.  Look out for my “must-see” picks of my favorite movies a couple days ahead of whatever I want you watch, which kind of makes sense.

Here’s a roundup of some select bloggers’ looks at the month ahead:

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this post will be updated with more blogger’s picks and pinned to the top menu all month so come back anytime you need to refresh your memory on when to set your DVRs.

If you do a similar type of post and I’m missing it, leave me a comment with the link. and readers, please leave your own picks/recommendations for JAN in the comments.

14 thoughts on “Your Guide to Classics on TV in JAN

  1. Kristina, if there were prizes for good taste you and I would at least share one–of all of my Loretta images you picked my absolute favorite, by far! Thanks so much for the link and thanks to TCM for another exciting month packed with pre-codes!


    1. Thanks, for that post& pic Cliff, love Loretta and hope people have fun discovering her movies. I’ll be seeing a few for the first time myself. Great start to the new year!


  2. Looking ahead at TCM’s output for January does offer some rare titles that I am looking forward to.
    As for Loretta Young, my favorite behind the scenes story on her is making Rachel and the Stranger with Mitchum. Seek out the story as this isn’t the place for me to repeat her crossing paths with with “the Mitch”.
    As for some of the flicks to look forward to … Tennessee Champ. Early Charles Buchinski boxing film.
    Danny Kaye night on the 20th has Me and the Colonel, Wonder Man and Man From the Diners Club among others to look forward to.
    As for the Caper films, hoping to catch They Came to Rob Las Vegas. Cairo. Guns, Girls and Gangsters and a Walter Matthau directed film. Gangster Story.
    Lastly I haven’t seen Cold Turkey in years and will have to revisit it.
    Keep up the good work and Happy New Year!


    1. That’s great, thanks! I have all/most of the same movies marked on my calendar as well. LOVE seeing anything Bronson– and also will be glued to the caper/heist movies, it’s a genre that has to be pretty bad to disappoint me. Thanks and Happy New Year to you too, may it be full of movies & more time to watch them!


    1. yes it’s the kickoff to ’13! Thanks to TCM et al for programming such neat stuff. cool, will check out the link, haven’t seen that movie either (lots I haven’t seen this month) it’ll be a fun companion piece. cheers


  3. I love this: “…sailing-down-the-staircase-in-gowns persona (not that there’s anything wrong with that mind you)…”

    Come to think of it, I have never mastered the ability to sail down the staircase in a gown. Not that it’s a necessity in my life. but you never know.


    1. haha I was paraphrasing that from someone I know. Yes you really never know when that occasion will arise! You would need a grand sweeping one off an MGM lot to make the proper entrance; no regular stairs would do, I would imagine. Not like I’ve tried it myself. or anything.


  4. Happy new year to one that’s become part of my daily routine. OH, and the one that makes me really want to quit my job with all the listings. Great stuff – looking forward to spending 2013 with your posts.



    1. thanks so much & Happy New year to you as well! nice way to start the year with all these kind words. Yes so many great movies showing, and so glad people stop by to recommend yet MOAR, I am marking my calendar accordingly


  5. I hate to admit it, but I’m old enough to remember Loretta on TV, although my memory is of her opening these gorgeous double doors and sailing through in those fabulous gowns, usually with an outer skirt like a train. But I’m with you — I will not miss ANY of her precodes!


    1. I know me too (won’t miss any) she might be a little bit of a neglected actress– she did quite different roles and eras. I love most of her movies, but am glad if the pre-codes get more people’s attention, she was amazing in them! cheers!


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