Links JAN 7.13

Classic News / Reading Roundup:

Top 10 Sergio Leone Movie Scenes (tasteofcinema)

can’t stop the movies continues with their BILLY WILDER fest/series

Some nice GLENN FORD crime movies coming to DVD (laurasmiscmusings)

Laura also invites you to watch& blog along with the 10 classics she’s set herself to watch in 2013

Over at the great blog dedicated to ANN DVORAK, Christina is marking the year of her much anticipated  ANN bio publication by blogging every day! Go check it out

Get caught up on DVD news over at Classicflix including MINISTRY OF FEAR, LORETTA YOUNG SHOW, WEST POINT, FOX ARCHIVE & more

RIP: a number of notables while I was away, HARRY CAREY Jr, JACK KLUGMAN & CHARLES DURNING, PATTI PAGE

if you liked the classic discoveries idea readers left in the open thread, here are some more that David Arrate tipped me off to (rupert pupkin speaks)

Many many thanks to Colin at RIDING THE HIGH COUNTRY for starting out 2013 in a nice way for me by awarding me not one but TWO awards, the VERSATILE BLOGGER & BLOG OF THE YEAR awards! you can read about that and go see all the other blogs recognized— Thanks very much, this is high praise indeed coming from a writer I love to read, and someone who’s supported my blog since the start

There’s a new SITE MAP up in the top menu for you to find your way around easier

Updated the JAN TV guide today with more month picks

cool pic is the Universal  soundstage (beguiling hollywood)

1945 Universal set

4 thoughts on “Links JAN 7.13

  1. Ah, Kristina, so much movie madness here at SPEAKEASY – the fun never ends! By the way, fans of George Raft might want to keep an eye on TCM this Friday, since there will be Raft thrillers from THEY DRIVE BY NIGHT 9 a.m. EST through A DANGEROUS PROFESSION through at 6:30 p.m. EST. Seems Raft sure got a lot done, considering all the films he turned down that ended up being classics! :-)


    1. Thanks, as always for dropping by! If you ever get the chance to see BOLERO with Raft & Carole Lombard, WOW is all I’ll say they had great chemistry there. I like him, but can’t imagine him in those famous few he did turn down.


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