First Look: Dark Pages Special Nightmare Alley issue

NightmareAlleyDark Pages’ year end extravaganzas have been big deals in the past, but this time DP founder/editor Karen has really outdone herself! She kindly let me choose the featured movie for this year’s theme issue and I went with NIGHTMARE ALLEY.

We were so lucky to have tons of interest which resulted in fantastic contributions, more than enough to make this issue a big 40-page collector’s item full of history, background, analysis,opinion, trivia, biography and great photos. Here are just some of the articles you’ll find in this issue (with links to those that have blogs):

I write on Tyrone Power’s performance and about director Edmund Goulding

review by Jacqueline of Film Noir Blonde,

plus loads of trivia, factoids and quizzes… I hardly need to sell this one any further, so if you have any interest at all in this fabulous film and this issue and all those great writers, then click right here to learn more about subscribing to DARK PAGES !  thanks everyone for contributing and making this a big success, and something special for the readers! cheers

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10 thoughts on “First Look: Dark Pages Special Nightmare Alley issue”

    1. no need to be ashamed, it happens to the best of us. 🙂 I thank you on behalf of DP for giving it a trial look!! I promise you won’t be disappointed

  1. SOOOO EXCITED to get my copy in the mail and read everyone’s write-ups! I’ve started taking medication to get through all your “first look” teasing and hints! 😉


    1. thanks for being a part of it! People will be just as excited to read your piece. Hopefully the meds will wear off by then so you can read with a clear mind, lol

  2. Kristina, it’s a DARK PAGES-a-palooza! I can hardly wait for the NIGHTMARE ALLEY issue to turn up in my mailbox and dig in! I’m thrilled to be in such great noir company!

    And Ruth, I think you’re gonna love THE DARK PAGES – that’s the kind of “trial” we noir fans can get behind! 🙂

    1. And thanks to you also, for being a part of it all! In this “trial” the verdict is always guilty… Of being a noir junky (groan. They can’t all be good)


  3. Yay! Really looking forward to seeing this and checking out
    everyone’s contributions. So many interesting topics! Best wishes,

    1. Thanks for being a part of it, I know people will really enjoy your talk with Coleen Gray, it’s such a special addition to the issue 🙂

    1. a) that’s cool 🙂 b) just follow the link in the post above thru to the dark pages info (thru to Thanks for checking it out!

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