Links JAN 18.13

Classic News / Reading Roundup:

A little about actress WANDA HENDRIX (meanwhile back at the ranch)


Newly restored WHITE ZOMBIE (sittin on a backyard fence)

And now, for a fistful of westerns!

A look at NIGHT PASSAGE one of the Stewart westerns (jeff arnold’s west)

TV westerns A to Z (classic film & tv café)

Great article on SERGIO LEONE’s Dollars trilogy (den of geek)

A FISTFUL OF DYNAMNITE (riding the high country)

Find a fascinating factoid re director TOD BROWNING in this post on HARRY CAREY (immortal ephemera)

cool pic of the day is from the Leone Dollars article linked above

& a bonus pic from the Fistful of Dynamite post

Please go check out the giant NIGHTMARE ALLEY Dark Pages issue that is hot off the press; I’m proud to be a part of it along with many other great writers. Please pass on that link to anyone you know who loves their classic noirs

13 thoughts on “Links JAN 18.13

  1. Hey, Kristina, any chance you could do a post someday on some of the old Bing Crosby movies? Our popular culture today would reject them utterly (well, at least the ‘cool kids’ would), but they were awesome: specifically, “Bells of St. Mary’s”, “Going My Way”, “Holiday Inn”, etc… rather than the “Road” movies.

    Heck, I wanted to be a singing priest when I was about 6 years old as a direct result of those films! :)

    They celebrated our better selves, much like the Frank Capra films.


    1. That’s a great idea, thanks for the suggestion, and I agree. funny you should mention Bing since I was recently talking about a good bio on him, by Gary Giddins, if you’re interested in a good read, it covers up to 1940. Thanks as always for dropping by!



      1. Awesome!
        Can’t wait, in that case…
        And I’ll look for that bio, based on your suggestion.

        By the way: just read that piece you llinked on the “Dollars” trilogy.
        REALLY good stuff, …although I confess I needed to look up the word “elegiac”. I must have learned the term back when I was forced to study poetry in school, but I’d managed to banish it from my vocabulary since…


        1. A lot of nice background in that article, about influences& the making of. And though it was fun to imagine Clint as Harmonica in Once Upon a Time in the West, I love Bronson there :)


      2. Hey, Kristina!
        The film ‘Going My Way’ got stuck in my head this weekend, following our exchange.
        So, I ended up using it for our Sunday ‘faith’ post.
        Not a movie review, per se, but thought you may be interested regardless.

        Thank you.
        If you hadn’t replied to my comment above, I’d have dismissed the suggestion altogether. ;)


  2. I had no idea about the new print of White Zombie, it looks stunning in that trailer. That’s one Lugosi film that I have always thought never gets much credit as it is in the shadow of Dracula by one year and winds up lost for a few decades only to resurface in poor prints. Probably his best leading role in a horror film. I will have to pick that up when it arrives in stores on blu ray.
    Best cover of a Citadel Films of Book…..Bela Lugosi edition. Classic image from White Zombie. Thanks for posting that link.


    1. It’s been a while since I’ve seen white zombie but I remember liking it a lot and really look forward to re-watching it. Now there’s another book I just have to buy! I’m missing a lot if those citadel ones still. Thanks!


  3. Please note the above post has been corrected to reflect that NIGHT PASSAGE is not an Anthony Mann movie.
    Rest assured the person responsible has been located and dealt with harshly, and
    in the future please do not hesitate to point out our errors as WE are never offended and believe WE learn best from our mistakes. thank you! :)


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