Cast a Long Shopping List

White Zombie: Kino Classics' Remastered Edition [Blu-ray]

Classic movies & entertainment new on disc the week of Jan 29:

Cast A Long ShadowBat Masterson Complete Season OneGorgan Vs The Flying Spider (1966)

Cast a Long Shadow -Audie Murphy

White Zombie – Bela Lugosi

Bat Masterson season 1



Gorgan vs. the Flying Spider

Kit CarsonChino

Kit Carson

Elizabeth Taylor an Unauthorized Biography

Classic movie bloopers Uncensored & Classic TV bloopers Uncensored

Hollywood Heaven: Tragic Lives. Tragic Deaths

Best of Warner Bros. 50 or 100 Film Collection

Best of Kids Say the Darndest Things

Sea Hunt 

Dawn PatrolThe Great Gildersleeve Movie Collection

Warner Archive:  The Dawn Patrol (1930);   The Great Gildersleeve Movie Collection;  more here

2 thoughts on “Cast a Long Shopping List

  1. I didn’t know they made a movie of The Great Gildersleeve! How did this escape my notice?

    Also, I am dying to see Gorgan vs. the Flying Spider.


    1. There might be a good joke about the Great Gildersleeve vs. the Flying Spider, but I’ll leave it to wittier folks than I.


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