Your Guide to Classics on TV in FEB

a huge roundup of full-month previews and picks! Learn about the month ahead here…

February on TCM is dedicated to showing mostly Oscar movies so you either love or hate the month, like many bloggers I don’t get too excited about it since I’ve seen most of the movies, but even so, there are some gems to be found and of course you get lots of essentials. Highlights and rarities include Hold Back the Dawn, Wilson, The Long Voyage Home. Speakeasy fave Tyrone Power has a lot of movies on both TCM and on FoxMC, as you will discover via Laura’s posts; Cliff recommends a good Ty Power as well. Must-sees mentioned in the posts linked that I will heartily second are: Orchestra Wives, Only Angels Have Wings, Foreign Correspondent and Ball of Fire. Each major studio gets a nice spotlight through the month, with a new documentary on the history of Warner Bros that looks promising. Among Fox’s highlights are The Story on Page One, Moontide, Cry of the City and On the Avenue. 

And I try not to give away what everyone has picked because I want you to go check these out for yourself! so, here’s your roundup of some select bloggers’ looks at the month ahead:

Thrilling Days of Yesteryear

Immortal Ephemera 

Laura’s Misc Musings:  TCM    / FOX mc 

Journeys in Classic Film

Hollywood Revue

She Blogged by Night (also includes Sundance & FoxMC)

celluloid club does weekly TCM alert posts at this tag

still to come:

shadows & satin

caftan woman picks Cary & Katharine

also a reminder that some blog friends are hosting an event to go with the 31 days of Oscar so go here to keep track of that & read all the entries 

this post will be updated with more blogger’s picks and pinned to the top navbar/ menu all month, so come back anytime you need to refresh your memory on when to set your home recording contraptions.

If you do a similar type of post and I’m missing it, leave me a comment with the link. And readers, please feel free to leave your picks/recommendations for others in the comments.

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5 thoughts on “Your Guide to Classics on TV in FEB

  1. Kristina, this is an awesome roundup of sources, and thank you so much for including me! We sure agree on those “must-see” titles. :)

    Best wishes,


    1. Thanks! love reading everyone’s posts myself… So glad to see all the Tyrone movies! I see you live ORCHESTRA WIVES as much as I do, for anyone who doesn’t know, this is a fun big band movie with Glenn Miller, first performance of the song AT LAST, and just generally fun. also love ON THE AVENUE!


  2. That scene with “At Last” is one of my favorite music scenes in ’40s movies. I just love it!

    And such great songs in ON THE AVENUE…

    Best wishes,


  3. As for the TCM line up for February, one title that has my attention is the 1944 title Wilson. I’ve never seen it and I like the cast. Also sparks my interest as an early Vincent Price flick. Somewhere I seem to remember reading that Dwight Frye was slated for a decent role in his attempt to finally break from the Renfield typecasting only to die suddenly before filming started.
    FYI. That Ingrid Bergman version of Joan of Arc we chatted about with everyone’s favorite Bond, Ward not James is on Feb 13th.
    Keep up the good work. :)


  4. I haven’t seen WILSON either, and am kind of surprised there are a lot of movies I haven’t seen during the Oscar month. Interesting fact about Frye, too, and will be catching the Joan of arc too! thanks as always for the picks


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