Links: Men Shrinking, Invisible & Ghostly

Classic News / Reading Roundup:

Favorite 1960s movie fashions (jdbrecords)

THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING MAN remake? (plus Matheson family info)(hitfix)

Reviewing the UNIVERSAL CLASSIC MONSTERS collection (who can turn the world off…)

About DOROTHY MALONE (criminal element)

ELYSE KNOX & the Harmon family tree (classicmovie chat)

HEADLINE SHOOTER with William Gargan (michael’s moviepalace)

speculating and picking at 1942’s OSCARS (once upon a screen)

GEORGE GERSHWIN, overlooked by Oscar (bobby rivers)

Danny Kaye in WONDER MAN (tales of the easily distracted)

cool pic of the day, as seen on my tumblr is behind the scenes on METROPOLIS (striking the set)



4 thoughts on “Links: Men Shrinking, Invisible & Ghostly

  1. Kristina, thank you thank you THANK YOU so very, very much for your most welcome shoutout for WONDER MAN over at Tales of the Easily Distracted! It means so much to me that you gave a big bunch of Danny Kaye love here at SPEAKEASY, because Danny and his films have been long overdue for a renaissance, and it’s finally happening with help from swell pals and bloggers like you and Danny’s daughter Dena! You are well and truly a sugar bowl w/2 handles! XO Beaucoup thanks, my friend, and enjoy the rest of your Presidents Day weekend! :-D


    1. Heh, I do enjoy being a sugar bowl with two handles. Sometimes I am other containers with two handles. I haven’t seen WONDER MAN yet but loved that post, and like Danny Kaye movies a lot. The INSPECTOR GENERAL was my first as a litle kid and I never forgot many of the lines, so that just is a little example that shows you the appeal of his comedy. Glad to spread the word!


  2. Nice link to Dorothy Malone as she is one of those ladies that seems to get overlooked. More so considering she was an Oscar winner. The article makes a valid point on her noir input and what could have or should have been so much more.
    Also want to comment on Shrinking Man and Matheson. Always a favorite as a kid growing up and must see tv when it turned up. I can just imagine it turning up as a CGI filled extravaganza and all the magic gone. Paging Eddie Murphy. HOPE NOT!
    As for Matheson, he wrote The Legend of Hell House which became one of my favorite haunted house flicks. A real creeper and Roddy McDowall as a bonus.
    I believe I mentioned this before but as for Danny Kaye, we need a DVD box set release of his films with Virginia Mayo.


    1. Dorothy Malone has kind of an underrated career, you are so right. She was always interesting to watch & I like her in so much other than her noirs. Big time YES on they better not screw up the remake, I am kind of incomplete in my scifi viewing but SHRINKING MAN is one of my faves I’ve seen so far, and has a philosophical/spiritual angle that really makes it so much more than those terrifying FX moments (not cheesy to me, at all). Yes on the KAYE box (see: previous comment) And you mentioning the joy of seeing McDowall in Hell House, first thing that pops to mind is him in FRIGHT NIGHT. not a “classic” but I love that movie so much, I have to write about it someday… Thanks!


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