Links: Swan, Sea, Angel, cool Knights

Classic news / reading roundup:

First rule of Speakeasy is always link to good Tyrone Power related material; THE BLACK SWAN (the stalking moon)

Noirs that should’ve won an Oscar (noir and chick flicks)

ANGEL FACE, with Mitchum and Jean Simmons might not be one of those (1001 movies…)

Bogart & Astor in ACROSS THE PACIFIC (tales of the easily distracted)

The CRUEL SEA with Jack Hawkins (films on the box)

A century of costume illustration (Hollywood revue)

More great links including  Gloria Swanson, Feuillade, Lana, Kim Novak, another Elizabeth Taylor bio pic, more (classic movies) 

RIP MATT MATTOX, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (boot hill) 

cool pic of the day as seen on my tumblr, is George Sanders and Lawrence Harvey in a convertible (msmeganmcgurk)

Stellar Vintage #238: In costume chain mail and surplice, George Sanders (in the role of King Richard) and Laurence Harvey (dressed for Sir Kenneth Huntington) leave production of King Richard and the Crusaders (1954) in a sleek convertible. Who needs a horse?

4 thoughts on “Links: Swan, Sea, Angel, cool Knights

  1. Holy cats, Kristina! George Sanders and Laurence Harvey looking all rugged – who knew?! If this is an alternate universe, I’ll gladly pay a visit! And as if the rest of your cool SPEAKEASY news wasn’t exciting enough, we of TotED are thrilled and honored to see our ACROSS THE PACIFIC blog post among your fab news! Y’all are a sugar bowl with two handles AND The Cat’s Tuxedo; thanks a million zillion, pal, and have a wonderful weekend!!


    1. that picture is amazing, I agree. Like you I love Across the Pacific and you had a fun post as usual. as for the cat’s tuxedo, you are sort of psychic, I do have a tuxedo cat!


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