First Look: Dark Pages latest issue

Hot off the presses is the latest issue of the bi-monthly noir publication…

This time, there are a number of juicy features including a look at noirs that might not be all that, part 1 of a fascinating bio of the somewhat mysterious actress Jean Heather (Lola from Double Indemnity), which starts by detailing her big splash in Going My Way . There’s another installment of the ongoing history of Noir Music, plus, lots of facts and insights and conflicting opinions about Lizabeth Scott, Audrey Totter, Ella Raines, and the movie Sleep, My Love.

I contribute a review of an obscure noir, as well as my regular “Deadly is the Screen” viewing and shopping calendar, this time covering an FBI-approved semi-documentary, a car noir with a missed opportunity for a big star, and I point out a handful of actors whom you might know well but who made such small appearances in the noirs coming up on TCM that you daren’t blink while watching. I’ll also tell you about tons of dvd and blu-ray releases confirmed through the next couple months and much-anticipated rumored ones ahead.

As usual, Dark Pages is full of knowledge and opinion about classic and neo-noir in every issue. Check out this page to learn more and subscribe.

(picture source, cinema fanatic)