First Look: Dark Pages Latest Issue

hot off the presses is the very latest issue of the original bi-monthly publication for noir movie fans; here’s what you’ll find in it…

This issue is a “really big” one, not only in terms of size (it’s a supersized issue) but also in scope and subject and writers, as it focuses on two of the greatest men in noir, Sterling Hayden and Robert Ryan. You get detailed and fascinating articles on Asphalt Jungle, the Killing, Clash by Night, Ryan’s ability to bring both masculinity and vulnerability to many roles, the story of how Ryan and wife founded a private school, and in depth life stories of both men. All this is brought to you from a mob that includes Laura (Misc Musings), Dorian (Tales of the Easily Distracted), Aurora (Once Upon a Screen) ,  Jo (the Last Drive In)  Joel (his Classic Film Passion).  My contribution this time is on Sterling Hayden’s signature role in Crime Wave. 

As if this issue wasn’t already big enough, there’s also a big announcement about the topic of the year end annual issue extravaganza, and your invitation to contribute something on THE KILLERS.

If the heat in that pic isn’t enough to get you interested, then take a look at previous years’ giant Dark Pages to see how we covered 2011: Double Indemnity,  2012: Nightmare Alley . There will be more to come on THE KILLERS issue soon, so watch for that, but if you want to get in right away, please drop a line with your desired topic to editor Karen via gypsynoir {at}

As usual, DARK PAGES is crammed full of reading for those who can’t get enough of classic noir movies. Subscribing is easy, with both paper and e-versions available so just check out this page to learn more and subscribe.


8 thoughts on “First Look: Dark Pages Latest Issue”

  1. Kristina and Co., I’ve been enjoying the lollapalalooza DARK PAGES edition putting two of our favorite tough guys in the DP spotlight: Sterling Hayden and Robert Ryan! I’m loving all the fascinating info about these stars and their films, especially some of their humanitarian efforts, like the school Ryan ran — but I won’t spoil anything, read this great article and enjoy! Great job of reporting, everyone — BRAVA!

    1. all credit to (editor,for those that don’t know) Karen for the great idea. Thanks to you and Aurora up above you in the comments, and all who joined in the fun, I can’t wait to read through and savor everything, and highly recommend to anyone who hasn’t checked out an issue yet.

    1. Yes it will, perhaps you would consider being a part of it? Hint hint… Think on that and watch this blog for more details, in the next day or so…


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