First Look: Dark Pages Latest Issue

hot off the presses is the very latest issue of the original bi-monthly publication for noir movie fans; here’s what you’ll find in it…


In this installment you will read all about IMPACT in a great piece by Dorian of Tales of the Easily Distracted fame, a tangled romantic story with Brian Donlevy, Ella Raines and Charles Coburn.
You will also get a look at an obscure but fun noir with familiar faces, enjoy the usual great quotes and quizzes, learn about Rosalind Ivan, who made an interestingly unique femme fatale, and you’ll read a touching tribute to one of the regular writers. In my regular “Deadly is the Screen” noir viewing & release calendar you get an in-depth look at the TCM Vincent Price spotlight in October, and you’ll learn a slew of dvd’s and blu-rays coming out in the next couple months.

I take this opportunity to remind you of the DARK PAGES year end annual issue extravaganza, and invite you to contribute something, anything, on THE KILLERS. Please check out this post for all the info you need to join in...

As usual, DARK PAGES is crammed full of reading for those who can’t get enough of classic noir movies. Subscribing is easy, with both paper and e-versions available so just check out this page to learn more and subscribe.


2 thoughts on “First Look: Dark Pages Latest Issue”

  1. Kristina, we’re all a-twitter for Vincent Price; Rosalind Ivan, best known to me as Edward G. Robinson’s shrewish wife in SCARLET STREET; and your very much appreciated ballyhoo for my article about IMPACT with plucky Ella Raines, femme-fatale Helen Walker, and avuncular sleuth Charles Coburn! Beaucoup thanks, yo, everyone! for the tip of the hat! Y’all are a collective sugar bowl with two handles! 😀

    1. Don’t mention it! (if I may be so bold as to speak for DP editor Karen) it’s such a cool article on IMPACT that I know people will enjoy. I saw IMPACT long enough ago to have forgotten details so I can’t wait to to give it another view after reading your piece. It’s a great cast, but many people have just not even heard of the movie since it kind of falls into that middle tier of solid and entertaining but not “essential” level noirs. Thank you!

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