Cleo Moore

A brief bio of the actress who played “bad girls.”  

The Louisiana born Cleo Moore was a blond glamazon, a bombshell to rival Marilyn Monroe, a beauty who graced many a pinup and magazine cover, and was good at playing gritty noir and B grade “shady ladies”. At 15, she was for a few weeks the daughter-in-law of Huey Long, the populist Louisiana governor-turned-senator who was assassinated in 1935. In her early thirties Moore joked that she could easily run for Louisiana governor herself and win, since she was related to half the state.

from On Dangerous Ground

But despite such deep roots she worried about losing her southern accent, and once told a reporter, “it comes back to me only when I’m shouting at fights or at baseball games.” Moore got hype and attention for many widely varied reasons: for her paintings, for first being a bit of a real estate mogul herself, then marrying one, for dating the son of the former president of Mexico, and for participating in a nearly six minute kiss on live TV in Chicago. For years afterward, she said people asked for her lip prints instead of an autograph, causing her to go through ten tubes of lipstick each day. Moore retired from film by the 1960s and in 1973 died of a heart attack, six days before her 45th birthday. Despite having lots of talent, her looks got her typecast and she rarely got the chance to tackle a juicy role.

Browse her movies and read a good bio at imdb

*a version of this previously appeared in Dark Pages noir magazine


9 thoughts on “Cleo Moore

  1. Cleo moore was a sexy beautiful woman to look at! Too bad Hollywood directors back in 1950s took advantage of her looks instead of her talent! Given the right material, Cleo could of been a giant Hollywood star! I just wish turner classics movie classic channel can paid tribute to her by featuring a movie marathon about her! Cleo’s fans like myself would go nuts for that!

    1. I know this is an overused description nowadays, but Cleo looks very “modern” and it’s a shame she wasn’t used in the right, or bigger roles because you can tell she had more than enough glam and presence. Such a shame she died so young too. Interesting lady. Thanks for dropping by!

  2. Like other fans here… She was a very good actress and I wish she could have made more films. She just stood out like a light in the dark on film. I love her film “Over-Exposed.” Respecting her memory here…what ever became of her daughter? I know her late husband was living in Florida when he passed away. I have never seen any given first name of her child. Her daughter may not want anything to do with her mother’s popularity rising today. Anyone know? I am not seeking for her daughter’s contact information. Sincerely.

    1. Interesting question, I never came across her daughter’s name either when I was doing this brief bio. Maybe someone reading this will know. Thanks for stopping by to remember her.


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